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Harry Potter Quiz MEGA trivia all 7 books with over 100 questions!

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  • The Harry Potter book series is a cultural phenomenon. From the first book release on, kids where enthralled. And author JK Rowling really knew how to speak to her readers, kids who grew as Harry grew going from age 11 to 17 – the age of adulthood for wizards – and every kid, teen and even adult thought about how cool it would be to be sorted into a house at Hogwarts.

    The author was able to capture many of the things that make up the life of a teen. Things like Harry first kiss, which he considered to be 'wet' and the difference between that kiss and the kiss he receives from the girl who will be his one true love, Ginny. Then she adds the thread of Harry seeing Ginny when he thinks he may die and want to go to her, not wanting to feel that loss. The reader who is wishing the Harry will never have to feel any more loss really gets caught up in this. (the movies never captured the characters in this way) This is such a teachable moment for parents of teens to use.

    I think what most impressed me was the Harry Potter story represents family and love, even though Harry is living with his aunt and uncle who not only don't love him, they think of him much like you would a sluggish bug you'd find under a rock. But you get to have real heart felt glimpses of Harry's parents and the life he would have lead without the interference of Tom Riddle, aka. Lord Voldemort. It is through these glimpses of loss that we see all we should be aspiring to hold on to in our own lives. It is classic story telling and JK Rowling is responsible for bringing this wonder to our children. Something that has me forever grateful.

    In this mega quiz you will find all kinds of questions and answers all that have been checked and rechecked. Questions come from all seven books in no particular order. So if you are an avid fan of the books, you should be able to do this quiz with no problem. If all you have done is watch the movies, you may not get as many as you think because of the creative license that directors use, the story did change somewhat. Try and do your best, though. But if you have a question, look it up in the book to get the right answer.

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