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Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone - Book 1 Trivia Quiz

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  • Spoiler alert! If you have not read the book do not go any further.

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is the start of an epic journey into a classic tale that will span more than 10 years of a readers time. The targeted readers at the time the book came out were about 11-years-old. By the time the series was finished, they were all about 21-years-old and wow! What a journey it was. Scholastic had no idea how epic this series was going to be and I had no idea how much it would define my daughter's generation of teens. But it did and had some great effect on the teen culture. There isn't a 20-something young adult –and their parents - that doesn't hear, "Lumos!" and expect to see a light turn on.

    But let's take a look at this first book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. We are first introduced to Harry as a regular young boy who lives in the cupboard under the stairs. He has an aunt and uncle who are horrible to him and his cousin is a lazy bully who picks on Harry. It is easy to see that something has to happen soon or this boy's self-esteem is a goner. I think this is the first lesson in the Harry Potter series for kids who see these things happening all too often with friends in school or seeing abuse stories online or in the news. Teens, even young preteens, can relate that Harry is not in a good place and they start pulling for him right away. And that is the main take from the book, teens can learn empathy and morals if you help them define what they are feeling when they read through the first couple of chapters.

    Harry is told he is a wizard by Hagrid, who is part giant. Hagrid finds Harry on a far off bit of an island where his uncle has hidden him and the family from Harry knows not what. He figures it out pretty easily after Hagrid tells him he is a wizard. All in all, Harry doesn't seem to get too upset with his aunt and uncle, which is for the best, since he will have to return to them in he summers.

    Hagrid takes Harry shopping in Diagon Alley. He gets his books and he meets the wand maker Olivander who tells him he is the 'boy who lived'. When Harry asks Hagrid about it, Hagrid tells Harry that he is the famous Harry Potter, that his scar was given to him through a curse by V-O-L-D-E-M-O-R-T; Hagrid spells it because he can't being himself to say it.

    Harry learns about making friends in this book and being true to them. He enjoys Ron as they become mates almost the second they meet on the train. Ron is really good for Harry as Harry knows nothing about being a boy wizard and Ron has never known any other way of life. This allows us, the readers, to delve into the wizarding world. And the first bit was delightful. Chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans are actually made today and can be purchased online. This delightful pair goes on for the next 7 books trying to figure out the rest of their world together. And they get company; although I'm not sure they wanted her at first. Hermione tags along with them and the boys at one point are not very nice to her – especially Ron(sound like preteen dating to you?) But, much like the way we hope our boys will always act, they are there to rescue her from a troll when she needs them. In hindsight, it is good that they saved her considering how many times she returns the favor through her wit and intelligence.

    Harry and Ron have to serve detention for being out of bed and out of the castle at night. Malfoy caught and reported them, which gets him a detention as well. For detention they have to go into the dark forest with Hagrid, which I don't think Harry thinks this is much of a detention. It seems something has been killing unicorns in the forest, which is a big no-no as they are the most innocent creatures on earth. Harry and Malfoy end up coming on a creature that is sucking the blood out of a unicorn. Malfoy runs and the creature comes after Harry. He is saved by a centaur.

    Harry finds a nemesis on school grounds in Professor Snape. For some reason he can do no right in Snape's eyes and it doesn't take long for Harry to see the harassment Snape is doing to him. As Harry is used to that sort of treatment from his uncle, he is able to handle Snape pretty well. Although, Harry begins to suspect that someone is trying to steal the sorcerer's stone and he believes it is Snape. He shares this information with his two friends and they puzzle out the mystery together. Thinking they know what is going on, off they go to fix it on their own.

    First they need to get by a three headed dog. Now I want to go off on a tangent, just for a second, but why do any of the adults in the Harry Potter series believe these kids can't handle things? I mean they do pretty darn well with Fluffy et all. Does Dumbledore never share with anyone what the kids did in the Sorcerer's Stone? I really wonder. Anyway, back to the story, Harry realizes that it isn't Snape helping Voldemort and He Who Must Not Be Named is indeed back. He doesn't have a body, which is why he wants the sorcerer's stone.

    This quiz is full of questions only from book one of the Harry Potter series and all of the answers have been checked and rechecked. None of the questions are in order and all of the answers have been checked. Harry Potter fans that have completed reading this magical book should have no problem with this trivia quiz. That is to say, if you have read very closely. I hope you enjoy the experience – and most of all I hope it makes you open the book back up!

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