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Valentines Day Party for Teens

Valentine Party Resources for Parents


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Valentine party resources you can use for your teenager who wants to throw a Valentine's Day party. Are you up for the challenge? Here are some Valentine's Day party planning ideas, games, crafts and tips to make it fun and safe.

  • Make sure you make all rules clear from the very beginning.

  • Establish a list of who is invited and how many are allowed to come. Allow very few exceptions to these list should things change a couple of days before the party. Print out free invitations here: Printable Valentine's Day Party Invitations

  • Do not hold an 'open house'. If your teen's friends are coming for the party, they should stay until the end of the party. And 'party crashers' normally start trouble.

  • Dimming the lights is ok to do, but shutting them off is a no-no. Try using white Christmas lights strung around the room, with more lighting at the food table.

  • No drinking or drugs should be permitted. Say it loud and clear, you will call the parents, (or the police should things get out of hand), to pick them up should they show up drunk, or should they bring alcohol to the party.

  • Establish that you more than welcome other parents calling you about the party and they can come too. This is a great way to meet the parents of your teenager's peers, and get some help at the party.

  • Don't hover, but do make frequent trips to the food table to refresh the chip bowl.

  • Help your teenager organize some of the games beforehand, and then help when needed at the party. Here are a few ideas for games:

  • Keep them in one room, or area, of the house. This will help avoid wandering around and 'losing' a few people.

  • Now here is one of the most important tips: Serve good food! To help with this see our Valentine's Day Recipes.
Quick Links: Valentine's Day Crafts | Valentine's Day Party Favors | Valentine's Day Party Games

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