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Science Fair Projects Ideas

For Science Fairs in High School and Middle School


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The high school science projects in the following science fair project ideas list provide numerous questions and links to scientific reference information which your teen can use to develop into a science fair project in high school or middle school. Questions in science spark creative thinking and will help your teen think like a scientist, which is the objective of a good science fair.

As the parent of a high school or middle school student who is working on their science fair, your role is as a facilitator. You will help make your teen's project happen, but it is up to them to do the work. You should be prepared to help your teen obtain supplies, facilitate any experiments, gather research and watch their presentations.

To get started, know that teens are capable of choosing their own science fair project, but will need help in obtaining the supplies they need and organizing the scope of the project, like helping with their time management of getting their project done. High school and middle school students are notorious for leaving things until the last minute. You will want to encourage your teenager to pick a science project early and then plan out mini-deadlines to complete different parts of their project. Be sure that they give themselves some extra time before their teacher's due date in case of mishap when doing the project.

As your teen is doing their project, remind them to go over the scientific method and instructions given to them by their teacher. They should take good notes and record everything they can. If they are going to have to repeat an experiment in class, they should do it at least once in front you as the audience. If they make mistakes, it's okay. Let them figure out what went wrong and try again. With practice they should do well at their science fair.

Science Fair Projects Ideas

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