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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Book 7 Trivia Quiz

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  • Spoiler alert! Do not read below if you have not read the seventh book.

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. There were a lot of expectations placed upon it as the popularity of the HP book series was amazingly huge – never really seen before for the young people and not seen again since. The story was so full of details and storyline endings that there needed to be two movies to encompass the whole plot and give fans the ending they deserved. The book itself was one of the most pre-sold books ever, I know that is how I got my copy and the second it came to the door – on the day it was released – I did not budge until I was done reading it. Okay, I had bathroom and 'get a quick snack break' while I was reading it.

    Harry in the book is not going back to his school, Hogwarts, a place he feels so comfortable in he thinks of it as home. No, instead he is on the run, looking for horcruxes – a nasty little thing that holds part of the soul of He Who Must Not Be Named. While he is looking for these objects, he learns about the deathly hallows from a children's book Hermione gets from Dumbledore's will. One of the fun things I love about Rowling is she then went ahead and wrote the children's book for real, by hand. I am so looking forward to her adult book! But I digress, on with the story synopsis.

    Harry, Ron and Hermione start off at Ron's home, the Burrow, because his brother Bill is going to marry Fleur, one of Harry's competitors in the Goblet of Fire. Ron says they have to stay for the wedding which is one day after Harry's 17th birthday, because if they don't it won't matter if Voldemort gets them, Mrs. Wealsey will finish them off first. I found it very endearing that Ron's mum follows them around and keeps them from making plans. She thinks there is no way Dumbledore actually gave a bunch of kids a task that has to do with getting rid of Lord Voldemort. Why would an adult do such a thing? She is right of course. Would you let your kids do this task?

    But the night of the wedding, the Ministry of Magic falls and we find Ron, Harry and Hermione running for their lives. Thank goodness for Hermione, she really thinks of everything. She enchants a beaded handbag to hold everything they need, including a tent, clothes and healing potions. A little bit of more food might have been good too, but she can't be perfect.

    The deathly hallows it turns out are not just a story, but they are real and Harry even has one of them! He also knows how to get the other, but has no idea it is what it is until he really needs to use it in order to fulfill his destiny. Then Voldemort has the last Hallow and Harry – who decided to get rid of horcruxes over finding the hallows – ends up putting his life on the line thinking he is the True Master of Death.

    Speaking of reading the 7th book of the Harry Potter series, you'll need to in order to get all of the questions right. But, you will probably get some correct by just seeing the movie. All of the questions are from the 7th book. They have been checked and rechecked, so the answers are all correct.

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