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Parenting Quiz: Is Your Teen At-Risk?

  • Help for Parents of At-Risk Youth
    Parenting trouble teens can seem like an impossible task, but parents can help at-risk youth become successful adults. Here you will find resources to help you identify and find help for your teens on behaviors like drinking, drug use, sex, violence, running away, and more.
  • 7 Secrets to Surviving a Troubled Teen
    Teens who are running away, failing school, unmotivated, defiant, depressed or otherwise struggling to grow up present unique challenges to their parents. Here are seven secrets to help you survive the daily challenges of raising a troubled teen.
  • Is It My Fault My Teen is Troubled?
    Parents often fear they are at fault for teen problems but when you feel this way it greatly decreases your ability to effectively help your teen. The good news is your faultfinding fears can be turned around.
  • 14 Ways to Avoid Enabling Your At-Risk Teen
    The primary problem with enabling an at risk teen is it allows and sometimes even encourages troubled teens to continue on a path of inappropriate or dangerous behavior. Here's what you need to pay attention to in order to avoid enabling your troubled teen.
  • How to Respond When Your Troubled Teen Calls in Crisis
    Parents who are raising a troubled teen often have to deal with this difficult scenario: a child who calls emotionally upset, or in trouble due to poor choices they have made. Mental health professionals who treat adolescents are specifically trained in how to respond to a teen calling in crisis. Here's how parents can use these same techniques to respond effectively when an upset or angry teen is on the other end of the line.
  • Survive Your Troubled Teen 5 Day Online Parenting Class
    Parents are often overwhelmed by this daunting task, uncertain how concerned to be about their teen, whom to talk to, or what actions to take. This 5-day course breaks it all down into manageable steps, giving you the tools not only survive but to be successful in parenting your troubled teen.
  • The Dangers of Untreated Depression in Teens
    Teens who are depressed are at high risk to develop many serious problems as they struggle to deal with the emotional pain they are feeling. Although the behaviors described in this article are not specific to depression, they may raise some suspicion for the presence of depression or other mood disorders.
  • How Parents Know Professional Help for Troubled Teens Is Needed
    Getting help for a troubled teen when they first show warning signs is far more successful than waiting until the problems get worse, learn more with this article.
  • Do Troubled Teens Get Better?
    Absolutely - teens are resilient and most have the capacity to heal and make significant changes. Parents are encouraged to implement the three critical steps in this article to help their troubled teen.

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