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Drug Use Screening Quiz: Is Your Teenager Using Drugs?
This teen drug use screening quiz was developed using the warning signs of teenage drug use. It is not meant to be the only parenting tool you use when dealing with street drug use and your teenager. Please follow through with the resources below.

Teen Drug Use Resources:

  • Is My Teen Using Drugs?
    Teen drug use happens when teens get around their parents, which can be easy if parents are unaware of the potential of their teen to try and use drugs. Find out if your teen could be using drugs here.
  • Percentage of Teens Who Use Drugs
    Different organizations compose surveys and statistics about teen drug use, giving the public a general knowledge of the percentage of teens who use drugs. Parents can use these numbers to help create a strong platform to keep their kids safe in their community.
  • Warning Signs of Teenage Drug Abuse
    Please note that even though some of these warning signs of drug abuse may be present in your teen, it does not mean that they are definitely abusing drugs. There are other causes for some of these behaviors. Even the life stage of adolescence is a valid reason for many of them to exist. Read more.
  • Anabolic Steroids: Is My Teen Using Anabolic Steroids?
    It is hard for parents to figure out if their teen is using marijuana as teens will deny using the drug. Here are some ways to ferret out if your teen is using marijuana or not.
  • How To Set the Rules: Teens and Drug Use
    While your teen is learning to become independent, you will still need to guide the way. This is especially true when it comes to serious issues like drug use because it is not just your teen you are dealing with. There are the drug dealers who would love to get to your child or the negative peers who would use your child to valid their drug using behavior. Therefore, it is very important you make a conscience effort to set the rules where teen drug use is concerned. Read more.
  • Drug Treatment Programs: Help for Teens Using Drugs
    Outpatient drug treatment programs are a good place to start if you suspect your teen is using drugs or alcohol beyond the experimental use that can happen with teenagers. These programs specialize in evaluating teen drug use and providing treatment. They provide services while the teen lives at home and are the least restrictive settings for teens with drug problems.
  • Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens
    Even when you know your teen needs it, the decision to seek professional help for your troubled teen is still a difficult one. It's important to know that the best way to help a troubled teen is to accept there's a problem, and then to find the best mental health professional or therapeutic program to work with them in healing and making positive changes.
  • Learn to Talk to Your Teen in 5 Days
    There is no question that in today's society our teens face very tough issues. They need their parents to be on their side. You can help your teen face anything and show him that you are on his side by using your effective communication skills.
  • How to Raise a Drug-Free Teen
    To empower a drug-free teen you'll need to put your fear aside and meet this issue head on. You can keep your teen drug-free, or start them on a drug-free path if they have been experimenting already, because this issue is not bigger than your loving influence.
  • Parent Asks Question About Teen’s Best Friend Using Marijuana
    My son is friends with a boy who I think is a good kid but might be using marijuana. He is my son's best friend. What do I do? Read the answer here.

    What is a Drug Use Evaluation?
    Evaluation refers to a comprehensive review that includes structured ways of getting information about a teens' current functioning and the problems they are experiencing. This process is usually one of the initial steps taken by mental health professionals in developing an accurate picture of what may be causing the problems a teen is having, as well as how best to treat these issues.

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  • Why Family Therapy Works for Teens

    Help for Parents of At-Risk Teens:

  • Family Therapy for Troubled Teens: Getting Started
  • How do I Know if My Teen is Engaging in Self-Harm?
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