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Parenting Teens Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Your Teen? Related Resources:
  • Opening Up the Lines of Communication
    Keeping the lines of communication open helps you have a relationship with your teen that you both will benefit for the rest of your lives. This isn't to say your teen will tell you everything, but you can trust that they will come to you when they need you and you will get to know who they are as people and not just as your child.
  • Things to Do With or For Your Teen
    Spending time with your teen or doing things for your teen is part of what loving them is all about. Get in touch with their culture and enjoy some of the things they like to do. Do things as a family that your teen has chosen to do. Make their favorite food for dinner. It's all about knowing that LOVE is a verb.
  • Communication Skills for Parents: Active Listening Using active listening skills to be in touch with your teen will help you hear what they are actually saying about their day, friends and every aspect of their lives. If you want to know your teen well, you'll need this skill.
  • Be Your Teen's Parent, Not Their Friend
    Being a parent is so much more than being a friend. It is an honor, even during the hard times. When you act like a friend to your teenager, you are not taking up the responsibility of that honor and cannot truly get to know who your teen is. Learn how to be a parent to your teen and not just their friend.
  • Get Rid of Manic Mornings; Adopt a Calm Morning Routine

    It's simple things like making routines that will help your day go by less with less stress and you will be better able to cultivate relationships with those around you - its the same for your teen. Since you share this time of day with your teenager, making it work productively is a benefit to you both.

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