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Parenting Quiz: Are you raising a healthy teen?

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Healthy Teen Resources

Your teen's health is very important as it can affect every part of their life. Teens who pay attention to their nutrition, who eats breakfast and pay attention to their body's wellness are more apt to have a healthy lifestyle into adulthood. Here are some teen health related resources:

  • Teen Life Skills: Good Health and Hygiene Skills
    In order for your teen to be happy while they live independently, they will need to be successful at keeping their bodies healthy and clean. These life skills are taught throughout your teen's childhood and adolescence by encouraging good hygiene routines and healthy habits.
  • 4 Steps to a Healthier Family Lifestyle
    Parents should learn how to implement healthy habits in our lives and the lives of our teens to be more healthy. Easy? No. Worth the effort? Yes. Read these five steps on how to implement a healthier lifestyle in your family.
  • Is your teenager capable of keeping a healthy hygiene routine without your help?
  • 3 Reasons to Encourage Your Teen to Do Breast Self Exams
    While it is rare for teen girls to develop breast cancer, it is still advantageous to teach your teen daughter how to do a breast self exam and encourage her to do one monthly. Here are three reasons why your encouragement is essential.
  • Help Your Teen Shape a Healthy Body Image
    As a positive self-esteem is a building block for your teen to become a success in life, it is important for parents to help their teens develop a healthy body image.
  • Sport Injuries
  • Teen Wellness
  • How to Deal with Stress
  • Drug Use: Issues and Prevention
    Teens often see some type of drug use or abuse in school or in the media, find resources here to help you talk with your teenager and parent them on the topic of teen drug use.
  • Mental Health Disorders Defined
    The term mental health disorder describes any serious emotional problem that causes distress and requires professional intervention.

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    Help for Parents of At-Risk Teens:

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