1. Parenting

17-Year-Old Teens

Resources for parents of 17-year-old teens including developmental issues and real parent questions and experiences.

Normal Middle Adolescent Development: Ages 14 to 18
Find out what constitutes normal adolescent development between the ages of 14 and 18.

Behavior and Daily Routines: Your 17-Year-Old Teen
While teens, like all children, develop at different rates, there are certain behaviors that are standard at certain ages. Here is what goals to strive for and what parents can expect from their 17-year-old teens.

17-Year-Old Emotional and Social Development - Child Development for Teens
Seventeen-year-old teens are more in-control of their moods and emotions. They form stronger relationships and are able to build strong bonds with friends. No more flitting back and forth between cliques. They begin to see their future and can feel both excited and apprehensive about it.

17-Year-Old Won't Wake Up, Any Advice?
My 17 year old girl has always had a problem getting herself up in the morning. It seems no matter what time she goes to bed, she will not wake up to her alarm clock. A while back, we got "The World's Loudest Alarm Clock." All it has done is wake the rest of the house, while she continues to sleep.

17-Year-Old Teen Daughter Back Talks and Lies, What Can You Do?
"My 17 girl is the worst back talker-- there is no way to stop her. I tried to communicate with her nicely when every one is cool. She still fights. So, I decided to use some extreme way to show her the consequence if she can not show basic manner and respect that I use clothes hanger to threaten her. Then she starts calling me names and tried to find something to fight with me. What can I do? If the kid just won't follow any rules and cross the line. What is the consequence we should show her to stop her or behave her? I really don't know what to do?"

17yo Teen Son Using Profanity and Disrespect to Parents
What do you do when your 17 year old uses profanity like f-you, when he gets upset about something during a conversation on a very sensitive subject. We decided to ground him for the weekend, but he left the house anyway and then was 30 minutes late on his curfew.

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