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Painting Crafts, Projects and Ideas for Teens

Does your teen want to learn to paint? Do you need a craft project for a group of teens? Here is a list of resources for painting basics along with projects and ideas for teens to make things using this craft.

Painted Glitter Ornament
These Christmas ornaments are very versatile and can be easily made in groups. This is a wonderful craft for the older teen.

Face Paint Recipe For Kids
If you are looking for a fun activity to do at a teen event or Halloween party, try this recipe.

Flower Power Cross Youth Group Craft
Cute painted wooden cross with embellishments teens will like.

Painting Craft Project Ideas Teens by Users
Do you make painting crafts with your teen or a group of teens? Submit your painting craft projects and ideas here and sharing with the rest of the community who do activities with teenagers.

Absolute Beginner Painting
Looking at a great painting it can be hard to remember that every artist was an absolute beginner at some stage. But it's true, no-one is born with a paint brush in their hand, everyone learned from scratch at some stage. This list of commonly asked questions will help you get started on your creative journey as an artist.

10 Tips for Stenciling
Stencils allow you to reproduce a pattern or design over and over again, as many times as you like. These tips will help you get good results.

Greeting Card Storage Box
Recycle the greeting cards you have received! Make this fancy storage box using greeting cards, paint and a shoe box.

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