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Ages and Stages: Teens

Parents should expect the stages of adolescence to be difficult as teens develop so much of their identity during these ages. But they are far from impossible - you and your teen will survive. Here you will find articles and resources on teen physical, emotional, intellectual, social and psychological development.
  1. 13-Year-Old Teens (7)
  2. 14-Year-Old Teens (6)
  3. 15-Year-Old Teens (4)
  4. 16-Year-Old Teens (6)
  5. 17-Year-Old Teens (6)
  6. 18-Year-Old Teens (10)
  7. Body Image
  8. Empty Nest
  9. Life Skills for Teens (15)
  10. Preteens (12)
  11. Teen Sexuality

Adolescent Development Basics: What to Expect as Your Teen Matures
Find out what's considered normal teen development.

Normal Middle Adolescent Development: Ages 14 to 18
Find out what constitutes normal adolescent development between the ages of 14 and 18.

Normal Early Adolescent Development: Ages 11 to 13
Find out what's considered normal development for tweens and young teens.

Late Adolescent Development: Normal Development Between the Ages 19 and 21
Find out what's considered normal emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development during the late teen years.

Social and Emotional Development in Teens Ages 13 - 18
Teen grow at different rates, but there are common developmental markers at certain ages. These markers will show up in teen issues which include body image, self-esteem, peer pressure and more. In this resource, we've taken each issue and applied it to each age. From there, I've given you tips to handle what is happening with your teen and let...

Teen Behavior and Daily Routines Ages 13 - 18
How do certain age teens handle everyday normal behaviors and routines differently? Here I take a look at each age and apply their stage of development to their diet, sleeping habits, discipline issues and more.

Online Quizzes for Parenting Teens
Confused on the issues of raising your teen? Does all of this seem like 'too much information' and you are having a hard time to process it? Do you want to flesh out where you stand on a teen issue? Or do you think your teen might be doing something, but you aren't sure? If you answer yes to any of these questions, check out our parenting quizzes to see which one can help. They all come with resources so you can dig deeper into the answers you need.

What is Identity Development in Teens?
Being a teen is all about forming your identity. Parents, get a firm grip on what identity develop is during adolescence by reading this article.

I Knew I Was a Parent of a Teen When...
I Knew I Was a Parent of a Teen When True stories from Parents See submissions

Growth Charts
The growth charts your pediatrician uses for this purpose are a standard part of any well-child checkup.

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