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Tips on Setting and Obtaining Goals


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Goals are an important part of life. Children who learn to plan out and obtain goals contribute to their healthy self-esteem not only when the goal is accomplished, but also along the path to the goal. Here are a few tips in goal setting and obtaining:

  • Goals should be realistic. A goal is realistic if, given time and effort, your child stands a reasonably good chance of accomplishing it.

  • Turn goals into smaller steps or tasks so that your child can feel that they are accomplishing something along the way to the goal.

  • Help your child create a plan to complete the tasks for his goal. Write it down.

  • Help your child keep to the plan, but be flexible as things change and obstacles may come up that you didn’t plan for.

  • Praise your child when the goal, or parts of the goal, have been accomplished.

Quick Links: High School Survival Guide

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