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Teaching Teens Responibility

Set Your Expectations


When you formally develop a set of expectations for your teen, you begin to set your teen up for succeeding in meeting those expectations. That’s the first step in learning to handle responsibilities. Here are a few suggested expectations for teens by age level. Please do not feel that your teenager should be doing all of them. Pick and choose a few and add on as your teen is able to handle more responsibilities.


  • Managing an allowance.

  • Making plans with friends and giving you all of the necessary information.

  • Have useful daily habits like making his/her bed and picking up his/her room.

  • Cleaning his/her room – vacuuming, dusting, etc – weekly, with some parental help.

  • Take phone messages and putting them where someone will see them.

Older Teens:

Be sure to praise your teenager when he/she accomplishes his/her responsibilities. A simple hug and a “good job” will go a long way.

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