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Alcohol Use by Teens

Alcohol use among teens has been a problem for parents for generations. Currently this generation of parents have become actively involved in preventing their teens from drinking alcohol, but the problem of permissive parenting is still a factor in teen drinking. While alcohol use is trending down among teens, seeing peers drinking alcohol and being offered a drink are issues that all teens have to face at one point or another. Learn how to talk to your teen about alcohol use, statistics and risks and prevent your teen from the consequences of drinking alcohol. Or find help if alcoholism is a problem your teen has.

Teens and Alcohol: What Parents Need to Know
It's essential for parents to be educated about underage drinking.

7 Ways Parents can Prevent Teens from Experimenting with Alcohol
These seven strategies can decrease the chances that your teen will experiment with alcohol.

How to Tell if Your Teen Is Drinking Alcohol (Video)
Make sure to learn how to tell if your teen is drinking alcohol so that you can resolve the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. Here are tips for how to tell if your teen is drinking alcohol.

Warning Signs of Teen Alcohol Abuse, Could Your Teen Develop a Drinking Problem?
While parents do not want teens drinking alcohol at all, we need to be prepared to accept that if we find that our teens have been drinking, they may have a drinking problem - including, but not limited to, alcoholism. This article includes a list of warning signs.

How to Talk to Your Teen About Alcohol (Video)
Learning how to talk to your teen about alcohol can make a big difference in their life. Here, see great tips for talking to your teen about alcohol.

Teen Drug Use Facts: Alcohol Statistics
Alcohol statistics on teens drinking alcohol and more facts about this growing teen drug abuse problem.

Teen Drinking: Has My Teenager Been Drinking Alcohol?
Teen drinking is the the most used drug by teens and the biggest drug problem our teenagers face today. This article will help parents decide if their teen has been drinking or if their teen has a drinking problem.

Risks of Teen Drinking
Alcohol is a legal drug for adults, it is still a very powerful drug that can cause your teen and your family serious problems. These problems for your teen range from the inability to function in everyday life to the most severe, death.

Is Beer Pong at 18-Year-Old Birthday Party a Good Idea?
Father of a teen wants to know, is this okay? I mean how bad could it be? Our community of parents respond.

Would You Give Your Teen a Breathalyzer Test?
Conducted a parenting poll and parents are sharing their experiences: "The school my teens attend administers breathalyzers before every school event including football games..."

Prosecuting Parents for Underage Drinking
Underage teens drinking at parties may land their parents in jail.

Teen Girl Drivers as Risky as the Boys
A new study is out that shows young women are taking more risks these days, unfortunately, it is showing up in fatal car crashes where the teen has been drinking alcohol.

Help for the Innocent
Raising awareness about the hardships suffered by children living in households with one or more parents who drink.

How to Handle Alcohol and Peer Pressure
It's not enough to tell your young teen that he or she should avoid alcohol — you also need to help your child figure out how. Role play and taking through drinking issues will help.

Caught Your Teen Drinking Alcohol What Did You Do
Read what parents have said, teens have been known to experiment with drinking alcohol. Some go a step further and need help to keep their drinking from becoming an addiction. Here are stories from parents of teen about finding out their teen was drinking. Did they remain calm or lose it? What discipline did they use? Learn more with these...

"Every 15 Minutes" Mock Funerals Help To Prevent Teen Drunken Driving
This is a touching program done in high schools across America. Teens who have been through this program think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking.

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