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Learn about discipline strategies to prevent and respond to your teen's behavior problems.
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How to Create a Behavior Contract with Teens
Behavior contracts are a good way to offer teens more privileges while also making it clear what expectations accompany the extra responsibilities.

How to Make Grounding an Effective Consequence for Teens
Learn how to making grounding your teen an effective consequence.

8 Ways to Teach Teens Anger Management Skills
Find out how to teach your teen how to manage angry feelings in socially appropriate ways.

How to Teach Your Teen Assertiveness Skills
Teach your teen how to speak up in a respectful manner.

8 Ways to Discipline Teens
Find out which discipline strategies are most effective for teens.

Why Teens Engage in Risky Behavior And What Parents Can Do About It
Teens are more likely to engage in risky behavior because their brains are wired differently.

How to Respond When Your Teen Talks Back
Learn how to respond when your teen tries to argue with you.

Discipline Your Teen with Selective Ignoring
Find out which behaviors respond best to ignoring and which behaviors you should never ignore.

Establishing Rules for Your Teen
Learn which types of rules teens need now so they can become responsible adults.

Allowing Teens to Face Natural Consequences
Learn how to help your teen learn from natural consequences.

How to Use Rewards to Encourage Your Teen's Good Behavior
Find out how to use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior from your teen.

Logical Consequences for Teen Misbehavior
Learn how to use logical consequences to discipline your teen.

Discipline Your Teen by Assigning Extra Responsibilities
Learn how to discipline your teen by assigning extra chores or responsibilities.

Ten Rights and Responsibilities of Parents of Teens
It is easier for parents to be able to discipline their teens when they are reminded of their rights and responsibilities. Here is a list of ten.

Tips on Raising Responsible Teens
Parents can raise a responsible teens by incorporating these tips into their daily lives.

Behavior Problems in Teens
Common behavior problems parents of teens have to deal with on a regular basis. Learn how to discipline your teen to minimize behaviors like lying, cheating, skipping school, swearing, talking back and more.

Quiz: Are You a Pushover Parent?
Are your children are holding the reins in your parent-child relationship or are you standing on firm ground with your discipline techniques? Find out here.

Help Your Teen Overcome Procrastination
Procrastination is a regular problem many teens face, sometimes daily. Often parents try to fix this behavior through reward or punishment. As procrastination has underlying reasons, these fixes don't work as well as parents would hope, leaving us and our teens frustrated. Here are some tips to help your teen overcome procrastination.

Curfews: How to Give Your Teen a Curfew
Curfews help provide routines and by setting them parents are helping their teens become confident young adults.

Discipline Children and Teens Without the Guilt
Parents can shed the guilt and start to change. Your child or teenager will respond and change for the better as well. Use these five tips to start disciplining without the guilt today.

What does negative criticism do to a teen?
Part of a discipline and communication FAQ for parents of teens: What does negative criticism do to a teen?

At what age can my teenager vote?
The voting age in the United States is the age in which your teenager can begin participating in government elections.

5 Steps to Good Decision Making Skills for Teens
Article on parenting skills for parents of teens - 5 Steps to Good Decision-Making Skills for Teens

Teach Your Teen to Get Up in the Morning and Use an Alarm Clock Correctly
Article for parents of teenagers Teach Your Teen to Get up in the morning Use an Alarm Clock Correctly

Help Your Teen Regain Trust
Article for parents and teens: How to Help Your Teen Regain Trust

Delegate a Responsibility to Your Teen
When your teen needs to learn how to complete a task.

What should we do now?
FAQ for parents of teens Our teen had a party while we were away and there was underage drinking. What should we do?

Logical & Natural Consequences
Whats the difference? Is one better than the other?

Setting Limits & Rules
Top 5 tips on setting the rules and establishing limits.

Sibling Rivalry
Sibling Rivalry - how to deal with teenager siblings who are fighting.

Teach Positive Values - 5 Ways People With Strong Moral Fiber Act
Read this article to see what values are and how they contribute to building a strong moral fiber – a chief component to success in life.

What is the age of maturity? When does my teen reach the legal age of maturity?
Age of maturity is a legal term for the age of when a child reaches adulthood and has all of the rights and privileges of an adult. In the United States, the age of maturity is determined by the state or territory in which the family resides.

What Is Discipline?
What do you think of when you think of discipline? Is it about punishing a child to make her behave? Or is it about teaching proper behavior? Read all about it here.

Teach Your Teen the Responsibilities of Citizenship

How to Use Discipline to Teach Your Teen Life Lessons
Learn how to use discipline to teach your teen important life lessons.

How to Know When Your Teen is Ready for More Freedom
Learn how to tell when you're teen is ready for increased independence and more responsibilities.

Choose Your Battles with Your Teen Wisely
Find out how to decide which behaviors to address and which of your teen's behaviors to let go by choosing your battles wisely.

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