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How To Help Your Teen Wake Up in the Morning


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Getting up on time everyday is a time management skill teens need to have to be successful in their lives. Having this skill before they leave home will give your teen a rung up in being mature enough to handle the responsibilities he will have when he is a young adult and living away from your home.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: month

Here's How:

  1. Purchase an alarm clock with big numbers that can be seen from your teen’s bed. Be sure it comes with a loud annoying buzzer for the alarm.
  2. Read the directions of the alarm clock with your teen. Go over how to use it and be sure your teen is capable of setting the time and the alarm.
  3. Talk to your teen about his morning schedule. Ask these questions: How much time does he need to get ready? What time does his bus/ride come or how long does it take to walk to school? What is the last possible moment he can get up and still make it to school on time? What privilege would your teen like to earn when he is able to get up on time on his own for the week? I suggest an hour added to curfew on Friday or Saturday night, it's my daughter's favorite choice. What consequence should you impose on him if you have to wake him up at that last possible moment? I suggest no computer for that day.
  4. Require that your teen begin to use his alarm clock and clearly state that you will no longer be waking him/her as per your talk. Use a parenting contract if necessary.
  5. Be prepared for your teen to test your resolve a bit, but do not give in. Wait until the agreed upon time to wake him and impose the consequence.


  1. Make getting up in the morning something your teen wants to do – or at least something he doesn’t dread. Smiles and a simple ‘good morning’ will go a very long way to uplifting everyone’s morning spirits.
  2. If your teen gets into the bad habit of turning off his alarm and going back to sleep, thereby forgetting to get up, place your teen’s alarm clock further away from his bed. In having to get up to turn off the alarm, your teen will awaken, and hopefully, start his/her day .
  3. The alarm clock should not double as your teen’s radio and it should not play all night long. This desensitizes a person to the noise and makes it harder to wake to an alarm clock.
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What You Need

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