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Making the Ballon Birthday Card


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Step #5: Print Out Card Front.
making birthday cards printable card
Denise D. Witmer
In your word processor:
  1. Format the page so it has two columns. For MS Word 2000: Format -> Columns -> Two.
  2. Set all margins to the edges of the paper. Just slide the margins on the left.
  3. In the second column, insert the ballons picture. Select the picture and size it.
  4. Place a second picture under it so it is in the bottom half of the second column, the top should hit the 5-1/2" on the side ruler.
  5. Check the print page set up File-> Print Page Set Up. If it is where you want them to be, print. If not, go back and fix it, then print.
  6. When you have printed this out, cut the 8-1/2" by 11" sheet in half. This will be your two cards.

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