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Camping Crafts, Project and Patterns for Teens

Camp crafts for teens to make while camping or getting ready for a camping trip. Nature camping crafts, swap pins and more easy camping crafts for teens.

Camping and Outdoor Crafts: Leaf T-shirt
This is a wonderful T-shirt project for camping trips and outdoor youth group activities. Older kids can handle doing much of this on their own, but preteens will need the help of an adult.

Singing in the Rain Hike
A summer rain storm is the perfect time to take camping teens for a hike to help beat the heat. Add a song for even more fun.

Make a Nature Sculpture Hike
This teen hike idea has everything a teen enjoys: gum, social time with friends and just enough grossness to make the activity interesting.

How to Make a Fire Starter
Fire starters are a useful camping tool. It is easy to use and much safer than lighter fluid. If you go camping with your teenagers, this is a safe way for you to teach them about starting the fire.

Glowing Eyes Night Hike
Spooky nighttime flashlight hike that teens enjoy almost as much as they enjoy all of the stories they have to tell the next day.

Nature's Texture Artwork Hike
There are textures in nature everywhere. Wait until you see the beautiful artwork teens can make using nature's textures.

Earring Holder Branch
This is a wonderful outdoor craft to do with girls while camping or in the backyard on any summer day. It makes a nice display piece for earrings to hang from on their dresser in their room.

SWAPS - Bedroll Swap
This swap is a great one to do for camping trips. It isn't expensive and fairly simple to put together.

Beaded Safety Pin Patterns: Animals
Friendship pins, animal patterns, are an easy to make and versatile teen craft. There are many patterns on the internet and in books.

Beaded Safety Pin Patterns: Flowers
Friendship pins, flower patterns, are an easy to make and versatile teen craft. There are many patterns on the internet and in books.

Camping Craft Projects for Teens
Do you make camping crafts with your teen or a group of teens? Submit your camping craft projects and ideas here and sharing with the rest of the community who do activities with teenagers.

Toothbrush Holder
Instructions for making a toothbrush holder using an empty film container.

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