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Chores and Teens - Chore Charts, Chores and Learning Responsibility

Chores can often send a teen into a frenzy. But, learning the responsibility of doing chores around their home gives teens a sense of accomplishment and belonging. Here you will find resources about chores and teens, including chore charts, what chores and responsibilities are appropriate for teens and how to get your teen to do their chores.

Chore Charts How to Set One Up
Chore charts are a communication tool for families. They help keep the 'who is expected to do what chore' confusion from turning into a jumbled mess. Use this chore chart to keep your family's household responsibilities and chores organized.

Printable Chore Charts for Teens
When a teen is dealing with high school issues, homework to do and friends to stay up-to-date with, adding one more thing to remember can be the breaking point and create a stressed-out teen. Chore charts not only help your teen from getting stressed, they aid your teen in getting the chore done, which will keep you from becoming stressed.

Chores List for Older Kids and Teens
Here is a list of task ideas and chores for your teen. You can use it to fill out a printable chore chart or to make a list. This list is made to give your teen a clear idea of what you expect from them. It is a good idea to break these jobs down even further and explain what you want done.

Quick Tips for Getting Teens to Use a Chore Chart
Your teen may be adverse to using a chore chart, thinking that they are tools to get little kids to do things. You can help your teen see the need for chore charts by using these tips.

Reacting to Power Struggles with Your Teen by Keeping the #1 Goal in Mind
Avoiding power struggles with your teen is important to their self-esteem. Learn how to react to power struggles with the method described in our articles. Complete with resources for goal setting, parenting contracts and more.

Chores Your Teen Does - Chores Teens Can Do
What chores around your home do you give to your teen to do? The parenting of teens community shares their thoughts here.

Parenting Teens Contracts: Teen Chores
A chore contract for parents of teens who want to set clear communication with their teen about getting their chores completed.

Summer Tips for Parents of Teens
What family routines, rules and responsibilities change in your home over the long summer break for you and your teen? Parents share their thoughts and advice.

Change Your Teen's Attitude About Chores
If your teen is grumbling about getting his chores done, or worse use these practical tips to help change your teen's attitude about his chores.

Getting Kids and Teens to Do Chores - How to Get Your Kid or Teen to Do...
Parents getting kids and teens to do chores tell their stories, give their advice and offer their opinions in this article. Read what they have to say and offer your advice on getting your kid or teen to do their chores.

What chores should your pay for?
Do you think there is a certain amount of responsibility that young adults should share simply because they are just part of the household? And if so, how do you differentiate between this is your contribution as a member of our home and this is extra that you earn money for? We answer these questions on this parenting faq.

On the Blog: How Do You Get Your Teen to Do Chores?
Q and A with the parenting community here at the Parenting of Teens site about About.com. A mom asks how to get her teen to do her chores. She is answered by the Guide, Denise D. Witmer and other parents in our community.

How to Teach Your Teen to Do Their Laundry
Resource article for parents of teens, How to teach your teen to do their laundry

How to Delegate a Responsibility to Your Teen
As children get older, they are capable of more and more responsibility. Smart parents who recognize this are able to give their teen chores or other responsibilities that used to be done by the parent.

Spring Clean a Teen’s Bedroom
A yearly clean-up of your teen’s bedroom is just as necessary as spring cleaning the rest of the house. By doing it, you are modeling this useful habit to your teen.

Help Your Teen Overcome Procrastination
Procrastination is a regular problem many teens face, sometimes daily. Often parents try to fix this behavior through reward or punishment. As procrastination has underlying reasons, these fixes don't work as well as parents would hope, leaving us and our teens frustrated. Here are some tips to help your teen overcome procrastination.

Give an Allowance That Includes Financial Responsibility
When teens are given control of the money that is used for their expenses, they learn financial responsibility. Teens who learn financial responsibly are better prepared when they are out on their own. Here are the steps you can take with your teen to determine the allowance amount.

Teach Teens Responsiblity by Setting Expectations
When you formally develop a set of expectations for your teen, you begin to set your teen up for succeeding in meeting those expectations. That’s the first step in learning to handle responsibilities. Here are a few suggested expectations for teens by age level.

Spring Cleaning
Spring has sprung and it's time to clean out and organize for the year. The best way to do this is as a family. So, here are five tips to help you get your teenager to pitch in.

Teach Your Teen to Do a Weekly Cleaning of a Bathroom
If your family has a bathroom that is used just by your kids, give them the responsibility of cleaning it. This is one area of the home that needs a weekly cleaning - every week! Follow these steps to help make this chore go smoothly for your teen.

Set a Table
How to set a table, five things to remember when setting a table. Setting a table properly for a family or holiday meal.

Easy Chores for Kids and Teens
Easy chores for kids and teens involved simple tasks that can be done in a few minutes at most. They become good habits for our children to have and should definitely be listed on your family's chore chart.

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