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10 Creative Ideas for Giving a Money Gift to a Teen


If you are going to give a money gift to a teen, be wise or creative about it. Just taking it out of your pocket or writing a check can be bland and boring. Promote the spirit of giving when the gift is money by using one of these ideas:

  • Put the money in a new wallet and wrap the wallet.
  • Clip the money into a money clip engraved with your teen’s initials.
  • Stick the money in a festive envelope and place it in a book on learning about money.
  • Put the money in a piggy bank. Be sure to add change so it jingles.
  • Place the money in a keepsake box and wrap the box.
  • Do some money origami.
  • Disperse the money into gift cards to your teen’s favorite stores. Add a card that sets a date to go shopping and spend some time together.
  • Tie the money to the tail of a festive balloon, make it look like a kite tail.
  • Make a money tree by tying the dollars to a branch with festive ribbons.
  • If the money is for the teen to save, purchase savings bonds at the bank. This way the money is already re-invested.

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