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Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens 2011


Gifts that both your teen daughter and teen son will love to receive this Christmas or holiday season. See also: Over 50 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens.

Digital Cameras

christmas gifts for teens ideas camera
Does you teen like to take pictures? You can put them in charge of family photos when you give them this gift.
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Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

Christmas Gifts for teens 2009
Complete with ground shaking super-charged bed shaker and turbo-charged 113db extra loud alarm - your teen will not be sleeping through this alarm clock.
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Just Dance 3

Just Dance 3
The hot selling video game for Wii and Xbox 360 for this holiday season. Added bonus is that your teen is exercising when they use it.
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IPod Touch

christmas gifts for teens ideas ipod
Not only will your teen be able to listen to their music and email, but their are applications for to-do lists, calendars, etc., so they can stay organized. This gift can be very useful for a smart teen.
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ITunes Card

Don't know what music your teen wants to download? Try a card for ITunes and let them pick their own.

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