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Confidence and Teens

Self-confidence is define as 'realistic confidence in one's own judgment, ability and power'. It is your belief in your ability to succeed. It is an 'I can' belief rather than an 'I am' belief, like in self-esteem. Teens who have confidence believe in their abilities. Find links, resources and articles that will help you learn more about teens and self-confidence and how to build your teen's confidence.

Teen Confidence Quiz - How confident is your teen?
How confident is your teen? Take this quiz to find out!

Building Confidence in Teens
Article for parents of teenagers Building Confidence in Teens

Self-Confidence and Teens How a Confident Teen Acts
While the teen years are a time of identity searching and thereby some self-doubt, there are characteristics of self-confidence that confident teens show. Here are ten ways a teen with self-confidence will act.

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