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School life takes up huge part of a teen's time, as getting a decent education is one of the top goals for most teenagers and their parents. Here you will find articles and helpful resources for parenting teens throughout their high school education. These resources include homework help, dealing with peers and teachers, organizing your teen's time, alternative school, college and technical school resources, school problems and more.
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10 Tips for Getting Teens to do Their Homework
Find out how to get your teen to do his homework each night without a battle.

How to Motivate Teens to get Good Grades
Sometimes teens lack self-motivation to do their school work. Find out how to help a teen become motivated to do his homework.

What to Do When Your Teen Refuses to do Homework
Learn the best ways to deal with a teen who is refusing to do his homework.

High School Survival Guide for Parents
Articles, tips and resources for parents of teens in high school. Learn how to help your teen be the best student they can be in high school, how to get homework done without the drama and more with our High School Survival Guide for Parents.

What to Do When If Your Teen has Failing Grades in High School
Learn how to intervene if you discover your teen is failing a class.

Build a Winning Academic and Personal Record
If your teens wants to be considered for private scholarships, they need to have a winning academic and personal record. Learn how to help them achieve this goal.

Encourage Your High School Student to Do Their Best
Encouraging your high school student to do their best isn’t as hard as you may think. It does take time and effort, but it should become part of a daily routine that both you and your teen can enjoy more than dread.

Motivational Books for Teens
Books that will help motivate teens to strive for higher achievements, do their best in school and look towards their future.

Talking Points for Teens: 10 Reasons Why Cheating is Wrong
Teens do not always understand why cheating is wrong. Here are ten reasons why cheating is wrong which you can use while talking with your teen.

10 School Issues Parents of Teens Face And What to Do About Them
Ten high school issues parents deal with: falling asleep in class , not getting along with a teacher , trouble doing the work or homework , your teen is never prepared , teen is not involved in anything , teen is too involved and over scheduled , your teen lacks direction , problems with peer group , has a hard time taking tests and ...

Five Benefits of Getting Good Grades
When talking to teens about their grades, it helps to explain the benefits of getting good grades and what they mean to the teen. Not only should you explain why they should care about their grades but show why it is important by using real life examples of things your teen cares about. Here are five benefits you can use as conversation ideas with your teen.

Alternative High Schools: Options for At-Risk Teens
Students at risk for dropping out of high school have options for earning a high school diploma.

Back to School for Teens
Back to school information and resources for teens and their parents.

Everyday Tactics That Will Encourage Your Teen to Read
Teens read more than they used to, but their reading texts and social network sites. Get them to enjoy relaxing with a good story using these teen reading tips.

Calm a Teen's Fears About Starting High School
Article for parents of teenagers - How to Calm a Teens Fears About Starting High School

Choosing an Alternative High School for Teens
Steps for picking an alternative high school for teens, when your teenager needs an alternative to traditional high school, use this resource to help you pick the school.

College Searching? A Tip to Curb Binge Drinking
What to ask about binge drinking when checking out a college.

Dealing with Difficult Teachers
For the most part, teachers strive to do their best with their students. But, sometimes teens have to deal with teachers who are difficult. Here are some tips for parents to help their teen deal with their difficult teachers successfully.

Empty Nest Syndrome
Any change is difficult, but this transition is often overwhelming. Here are a few tips to get you through.

5 Fundamental Reasons to Take a Look at Summer School
Summer school article for parents of teens who might need to attend summer school this year.

Find a Tutor for Your Teen
Article for parents of teens who need to find a tutor and/or get help with their grades.

From Elementary School to Middle School
Big changes that could increase your preteen's risk for drug use.

Get Your Teen Ready to Go Back to School in 5 Trouble-free Steps
Articles to get your teen ready for back to school.

High School Drop Out Rates
The latest stats on teen high school drop out rates from the Department of Education.

High School Guidance Activities
The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) conducted a survey on high school guidance counseling in spring 2002 for the Office of Vocational and Adult Education, U.S. Department of Education. Here are some of the results.

High School Guidance Staff
Information on guidance staff from a national survey.

High School Subjects
A glimpse of core subjects your teen will take in high school. All schools vary, but this list shows the gist of what your teen will be taking so parents have an idea of what they are taking about when they talk to their teen about their classes.

High School Teacher Quality
NCES report on the high school teacher quality in the US.

Homework Tip: Organizing Your Teen's Time
Teachers generally give students tips on how to study. But it takes time and practice to develop good study habits. To reinforce good homework habits at home, you can help your child manage time to complete assignments.

How can I get my teen to do their homework?
High school homework help FAQ for parents of teenagers. This specific question is answered with links to more questions in the FAQ. Other related question may be listed as well.

How much help should parents give their teen with homework?
High school homework help FAQ for parents of teenagers. This specific question is answered with links to more questions in the FAQ. Other related question may be listed as well.

How much is too much homework in high school?
High school homework help FAQ for parents of teenagers. This specific question is answered with links to more questions in the FAQ. Other related question may be listed as well.

How much is too much homework in high school?
High school homework help FAQ for parents of teenagers. This specific question is answered with links to more questions in the FAQ. Other related question may be listed as well.

Tips On Getting Your Teen To Do Their Homework...
While keeping your sanity! Yes, it really is possible. Incorporate some of these tips into your family's routine.

How to Attend a High School Parent's Night
Make a plan to get to know your teenager's teachers.

Parenting Quiz: Is Your Young Teen Ready for High School?
The leap between Junior High School/Middle School to High School is a big one. Take this simple 20 question quiz and see how prepared your teenager is and what to look for to help your teen become ready.

Quiz: Is Your Teen Ready for College?
Take this 15 question quiz and find out if your teenager is ready to attend a college away from home.

School Violence Poll: Zero Tolerance?
Should all schools adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards any type of violence? While the safety and security of our children is of the utmost importance, is it pausible to write off any child who gets a little angry and makes a mistake? Does zero tolerance go too far? Give your opinion here.

Teaching Teens About LDs
Facts that will help a teen who has a learning disability deal with self-image, getting along with peers socially and bullying. Article by About.com's Guide to Learning Disabilities, Ann Logsdon.

Get in the Habit of Checking Planners Together
Being a time organized parent has it's benefits as you will know what is going on with the members of your family during the week, which will enable you to plan time together. Pass your time management skills on to your teen by getting in the habit of checking your weekly plans together.

Teach Your Teen the Responsibilities of Citizenship

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