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How To Find a Tutor for Your Teen


If your teen is struggling with his/her classes, tutoring can help him/her understand the subject matter better and obtain a higher grade. Many parents do not look at tutoring as a viable option because they do not understand the process of getting a tutor or they feel it will be too expensive. But it is imperative for frustrated teens to get all the help they can with their education. You can find your teen a tutor – maybe even for free - read how below.
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Here's How:

  1. Start tutoring early or as soon as you see a problem. Getting a tutor for your teen if he/she is already failing a class can be problematic and put more stress on your teen, although it is still needed. But most of the time, you’ll want to get him/her one as soon as he/she communicates that a class is difficult.

  2. Call the school and ask what hours your teen’s teacher offers ‘extra help’. Then ask for any tutoring services offered at the school during school hours or right after school when your teen can take the activity bus home. If you and your teen decide to use extra help from the school, be sure to follow up with the teachers. The more you are involved, the more effort your teen’s teachers will give.

  3. Ask the high school guidance office what local tutors they would recommend. Ask them if there are tutoring services given by your local community, like at the library. Often libraries have access to free small group or online tutoring services for students. You’ll want your teen to take advantage of this community service if it is available.

  4. Call your local college. Find out about their tutoring services as college students often make great tutors and mentors for teens.

  5. Look for a tutor online. There are tutoring services available at Tutor.com or you can get a recommendation for a private tutor at TutorNation.com.

  6. Hire a private tutor from a tutoring service like Sylvan Learning Centers or Score! Educational Centers. This is the most expensive tutoring option, but it is worth the expense if it helps your teen obtain a better grade and maintain a positive attitude about his/her education.


  1. If your teen isn’t comfortable getting a tutor, talk to him/her about the option. I have found that setting up an award system helps motivate teens to work with a tutor. This doesn’t have to be extravagant, I’ve used new make-up or a pizza and they both worked well.

  2. Your teen may be eligible for free private tutoring under the No Child Left Behind Act. Get more information in this article by GreatSchools.net.

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