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Summer, the sunny season where parents of teens have to scramble. Either you’re trying to find something for your teen to do or you’re rushing to get them to work, camp or a pool party. Add in finding time to plan and pull off a family vacation and can anyone with a teenager really say summer is the time of year that things slow down? Not in our home! Here are some resources to help you get through the work of being a parent of a teen in the summer and have more fun.
  1. 12 Weeks of Summer Activities
  2. Summer Camps
  3. Summer Crafts
  4. Summer Jobs
  1. Summer Recipes
  2. Summer School
  3. Summer Vacations
  4. Teens Home Alone

12 Weeks of Summer Activities

Ideas for summer activities that your teen can do during the week with resources on how the activity is done and perhaps more to delve further into the teen activity.

Summer Camps

Fun summer camps can keep teens busy and teach them new skills. Use these articles to help your teen find and enjoy summer camp.

Summer Crafts

Learning a new craft technique or making different types of crafts over the summer will fill in time that your teen may otherwise be bored. If your teen likes to craft or you think she may want to try, suggest some of these ideas.

Summer Jobs

A summer job can teach a teenager about responsibility, money management and give him/her real-life experiences. Help your teen find and keep a summer job using these resources.

Summer Recipes

Easy recipes your teen will love to make this summer. Make them together and enjoy them with the whole family.

Summer School

Summer school helps a teen student either pass a class he had failed during the school year or prepare for a heavy workload in the next school year. Use these articles to help your teen get the most out of his classes this summer.

Summer Vacations

When planning summer vacations with teens, parents should talk to their teens and allow them to have a hand in the vacation decisions - and some of the work that goes into planning a vacation. These articles will help your family vacation with your teen go off without a hitch.

Teens Home Alone

Articles and resources for parents of teens who need to stay home alone this summer.

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