1. Parenting

How To Parent Today's Teens


Today's teens face a lot of issues that previous generations haven't had to address. Cell phones, the internet and social media are just a few of the technological advances that can provide a great benefit but also pose new risks to teens. Find out how to parent teens in today's modern world.
  1. Establishing Discipline and Rules
  2. Communicating with Your Teen
  3. Teens & Technology
  4. Skills to Teach Your Teen
  5. Depression and Suicide
  6. Body Image
  7. Cars and Driving
  1. Chores and Responsibilities
  2. Dating and Relationships
  3. Drug Use: Issues and Prevention
  4. Money Matters
  5. Teen Sexuality and Pregnancy
  6. Working Teens

Establishing Discipline and Rules

Discipline can be one of the hardest jobs parents have to do. Using active discipline techniques can lead to positive character traits in our teenagers which will guide them to becoming happy young adults. With these articles you will learn about setting limits, establishing rules, developing a discipline style and teaching responsibility.

Communicating with Your Teen

 Talking to teens is an important means for maintaining a healthy relationship. However, many parents report a lot of communication problems. Teens often don't want to talk to their parents. Check out some of these strategies to help keep the lines of communication open.

Teens & Technology

Today's teens live in a digital world. It's important for parents to set limits and establish rules that will keep teens safe when they're using technology.

Skills to Teach Your Teen

Teens need to learn emotional and behavioral skills that will set them up for success in their relationships and in their future. Take time to carefully teach your child these helpful skills.

Depression and Suicide

Teen depression and suicide articles, resources and links. If you know a teenager who you think is suffering from teen depression, take our teen depression quiz and following along with these resources that can help.

Body Image

Body image is forever changing. It is sensitive to your mood swings, physical environment, and your experiences. Learn about it here.

Cars and Driving

Driving is one of the biggest responsibilities your teen will have. Help your teenager become a better driver with these tips, information on state laws and how-to resources.

Chores and Responsibilities

Learning about responsibilities and doing chores gives teens a sense of accomplishment, confidence and belonging. Here you will find resources about responsibilities, chores and teens.

Dating and Relationships

Teen dating tips for teens and their parents. Does your teen want to date? Here are some dating guidelines, a dating quiz, dating tip list and more teen dating resources to help.

Drug Use: Issues and Prevention

Drug use and abuse resources for parents who may be dealing with teen drug use and abuse. All teens see some type of drug use or abuse in school or in the media, find resources here to help you talk with your teenager and parent them on the topic of teen drug use.

Money Matters

Teens love to learn about money, especially when they can have some to help with the lesson. Here are resources that will help you teach your teen financial responsibility.

Teen Sexuality and Pregnancy

Learn how to talk to your teen about sex and teen sexuality. Information on teen sexuality including teen pregnancy, menstruation and puberty.

Working Teens

Having a job is a huge responsibility that teens enjoy. Teenagers like the pay and working with other teens. Parents like the sense of responsibility a job gives a teen. Check here for resources on getting your teen a job, whether your teen is ready for a job and what to do when your teen has a job. If your teen just wants a summer job, we have resources to help you with that too.

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