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How To Get Your GED (Certificate of General Educational Development)


GED Test How to Get your teen's GED

You can help motivate your teen to get their GED.

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The GED is a series of tests that when taken and passed the recipient is awarded a GED certification. This certification is considered to be the equivalent of a high school diploma. The tests are taken at a testing center in person and can be taken more than once. If you would like to see your teen earn a GED, follow the steps below.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: 1-6 Months

Here's How:

  1. Talk to your teen about whether or not he wants to pursue his GED. If so, continue on to the next step. If not, set a date in about 6-months time to talk again and follow through in six months. Your teen needs to be an active participant in getting his GED or it will be close to impossible to achieve.
  2. Check your state’s requirements to see if your teen is eligible to take the test. There are age and other restrictions that are different in each state.
  3. Check your local jurisdiction’s requirements for registering for the tests. They will determine what identification your teen will need. Also, some testing centers require a pretest or practice tests.
  4. Check the cost of the test. Again, your local testing center will know the price as it can vary by state and local area.
  5. Have your teen prepare for the tests by studying and/or taking a GED study course. According to Cracking the GED: 2002 Edition, only 30% of all first time takers passed the tests and earned a GED. So, preparing for the exams is very important. There are many services and books that can help – encourage your teen to use them.
  6. Have your teen sign up for and take the GED tests when you feel they’re ready and prepared. If you feel you need to push your teen to get to this step, see my goal setting article for more help.


  1. You can find the location of your local testing center by calling your local high school’s guidance office, even if your teen is no longer attending school or check online here.
  2. Watch for scams online and check with your local testing center before paying for any GED services.

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