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Five Benefits of Getting Good Grades

Talking Points with Teens


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When talking to teens about their grades, it helps to explain the benefits of getting good grades and what they mean to the teen. Not only should you explain why they should care about their grades but show why it is important by using real life examples of things your teen cares about. Here are five benefits you can use as conversation ideas with your teen:

If your teen has money sense, it is good to use money as an example of a benefit. Go over how much money a teen will have to pull out of their own pocket and in loans for college and then compared it to a college student who was able to get an academic scholarship. Then take how many cars they could buy with the amount they will save by not having student loans. Comparing the price of something they want will get their attention.

Having good grades will give your teen some fun and valuable opportunities. Students who get good grades are given opportunities at high schools through programs like the National Honor Society. Bring up the trips and events your student will be able to attend by finding out what your local high school’s clubs did last year. If you call your school’s guidance office, they can tell you. These incentives mean a lot to teens because they are fun things to do and they make great goals.

If your teen has no idea what they want to be when they grow up, like many teens, good grades will give them the capability to be whatever they want to be when they do decide. If your teen strives to do well in anything set before them, their choices of career will be vast. They will also be more marketable to different colleges, giving them an edge to get into their college or technical school of choice.

If your teen is social, good grades begets respectability and helps with their social life. Students who are conscience of their studies and get good grades are liked and respected by their teachers and peers. Teens need to be in school most of their day, many days of the year. It is a much more rewarding experience to attend high school when you are liked and respected by those around you.

Getting a better sense of self is a benefit of getting good grades. Having the respect of those around you, fun opportunities and abilities that come with getting good grades ultimately leads to a positive sense of self. An advantage for all identity seeking teenagers.

Quick Links: High School Survival Guide for Parents

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