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High School and Summer Vacation


As teens grow older, they are more capable and independent. But with this independence, they need guidance from their parents in order to survive and get the most out of their high school education. This high school survival guide for parents will use the resources below to help you guide your teen to achieving in their highest potential in high school.
  1. Summer Vacation
  2. Bullying, Mean Girls and School Violence
  3. Classes and Schedules
  4. Handling Homework
  5. Avoid School Pitfalls
  1. Organize Your Time
  2. Alternatives to Traditional High School
  3. High School Senioritis
  4. Career Planning and College

Summer Vacation

Make sure your teen doesn't spend his entire summer vacation sleeping late and playing video games all night. Get him involved in healthy activities or encourage him to get a job - or even start his own business.

Bullying, Mean Girls and School Violence

Your teen will see more violence than you will ever want them too. Here are resources for parents whose teens are experiencing some type of school violence and for those parents who wish to try and prevent violence from happening at all.

Classes and Schedules

High school gives your teen a little more freedom to choose which classes he wants to take and when he will be taking them. Below you will find resources on particular classes and how your teen should create their schedule.

Handling Homework

teen doing homework

After a full day at school the last thing your teen wants to do is homework. You can help your teen by being understanding and prepared with needed resources. These articles will help.

Avoid School Pitfalls

School problems can lead to a unproductive or troubled teen. Here are articles that will help you avoid any school pitfalls.

Organize Your Time

Time management in the home is a big factor when calculating the moods of a family. If everything is rush, rush, rush, no one is going to be happy. Teens who aren't happy at home have a harder time succeeding in school. Here are some resources to help you organize your family's time at home so your teen will be happier in school.

Alternatives to Traditional High School

Do you feel your teen needs to try an alternative high school or do you want to home school your teen? Find the resources you need below.

High School Senioritis

It may seem like a made-up illness to those who have never seen it in action - or a joke to people who have never suffered the consequences - but senioritis is real and it can cause terrible consequences for your teen.

Career Planning and College

 High school students have a lot of work to do to prepare for the future. There are lots of important decisions to be made about what to do after high school. While some teens choose to go to college, others look for different career paths. It's important to give teens plenty of support and guidance as they make major life decisions.

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