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Good Reasons to Homeschool Teens for High School


Homeschooling Teens

Mom helps teen daughter to do her homeschool lesson.

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Many parents who are homeschooling young children wonder what they are going to do when their child gets to be high school age. They wonder if there are benefits to continuing homeschooling when their children are teens. Or, parents of young teens don't like the idea of them attending the local high school and they wonder if there are benefits to their children learning at home. Or finally, desperate parents are seeking an affordable answer to the problems their teenager is facing at their public high school.

To be truthful, there are many pros to teaching your teen at home and not at your local high school. But in order to decide if homeschooling is beneficial for your teen, take a look at these good reasons to homeschool teens:

If your teen feels they are wasting their time going to high school and not getting what they need, homeschooling is something they could try. Many teens spend much of their class time waiting for their teacher who is too busy disciplining other students. Or, they sit in homeroom while teachers take attendance and then take time to switch from class to class. Teens take classes whether they know the information that is taught or not and therefore waste their time in classes that they could pass out of or learn at a faster pace instead of waiting for other students to catch up. Not to mention the time it takes to get to school on the school bus and the time it takes to get home. When all these things are considered you can see how little time spent by your teen in a school day learning. When your teen is homeschooling, this time is not wasted.

If your teen has special interests, it is easier for them to pursue them while being homeschooled. Many intelligent teens who like to study in a specific area, like science, aren't often catered to by the schedules at their local public high school. For instance, your teen may be into chemistry and want to be a Chemist. But their school may only offer a basic chemistry class. Therefore, the teen gets bored in all of the classes as their interest is not peaked and their grades go down. If your teen is homeschooled, there are classes they can take online that will suit any of their interests.

If your teen is having problems with peers, homeschooling may be the way to go. When peers harass, tease or bully your teen you need to be concerned with their body image, confidence levels and self-esteem. If you feel that peers are negatively affecting your teenager in those ways, homeschooling is a very good idea.

If your teen's high school is unsafe, homeschooling is a viable option. If your teen's high school is in a high crime area and teens are getting hurt, it is absolutely understandable that you would want to homeschool them. Keeping your child safe is a parenting priority.

If your teen's high school has too many negative influences, homeschooling may be the answer. Drugs, sexual influences and lack of good role models all point to a bad high school experience. These are years your teen will not get back. And as learning is the priority this is a very good reason to homeschool your teen.

If your teen's high school experiences do not reflect your families religious ethics, homeschooling is good idea. At home, you will be able to teach them the information they need to know along with your family's religious beliefs.

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