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Money Saving Tips for Your Family

Over 101 Money Saving Tips for Families with Teens and Older Kids


Saving money is always a goal for parents, whether they have large families or small families. Parents know that it costs money to raise a family with teens. These money saving ideas will hopefully help you save some money on those costs. The money saving tips are posted first on my blog. Other About.com Guides post money tips too and they are listed at the end of my saving money tips. Be sure to check them all out, there are over 100 money tips given:

Save Money on DVDs
Save money on DVDs for your family night entertainment, or if your teen wants to collect their favorite movies, by using these tips.

Saving Money Tips For Hair and Nail Care
Aside from getting a haircut, having your teen's hair or nails done at a salon is an expense many families are forgoing in these tough economic times. But that doesn't mean you or your teen have to forgo looking good while saving money.

Money Saving Tips for Reading Teens
Having a reader like this means that frugal parents need to get savvy when obtaining good books that our teens want to read. Here are three money-saving ideas.

Save Money On Your Teen's Shoes
The problem that we have is finding shoes that will fit our teen when they need them for a lower on-sale price. Here are five tips that I use when faced with this dilemma.

Saving Money at the Grocery Store
Taking your teen to the grocery store with you? Set your expectations and give your teen a limit on what you will spend on non-essential items.

Taking Care of Teen's Clothing: Hang That Back Up
Teen girls tend to have a fashion show every morning when they get ready for school. This bad habit can cost more than you think.

Save Money on Your Electric Bill by Teaching Your Teen Good Habits
Teens don't always follow through with all of the little things that need to be done when leaving a room or the house at the start of their day. Helping them remember will save you money.

5 Frugal Tips for Your Teen's Birthday Party
A teen birthday party can be a huge extravagance! But you can keep the cost down and save your money by using these five tips.

Save Money on Christmas Gifts and Holiday Spending
My first tip on saving money for holiday spending is: Start now! Here are the rest of my money saving tips.

Family Board Game Night, Entertain the Whole Family for Under $5.00
Make this a family routine and you'll really see the savings.

Recycle Old Jeans
Blue jeans can be used over and over again, here's how.

Go Through the Grocery Flyer with Your Kids
Blue jeans can be used over and over again, here's how.

Make Your Teen a Change Jar
This is an awesome tip for those teens who scatter their change.

Tip for Teens: Order In
How your teen can save money hanging out in your kitchen with friends making their own snacks.

Tips for Saving Money on Summer Camps
If summer camp is going to be too expensive for your budget or if you would just like to save a little on it, try these tips.

10 Practical Money Saving Prom Tips
Got a going-to-the-prom-teen? You need these tips!

Does Your Teen Have Access to The Library?
Libraries are the best free resource there is, use it.

Teach Your Teens to Carpool
Teach older responsible teens to save on gas by doubling up.

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