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Post Your Emergency Information Sheets


Emergencies happen, and if you believe in Murphy’s Law, they happen more often when you are not at home. The best way to handle or prevent an emergency is to plan for it. Parents can do this by having all information readily available and talking to the teenagers that will be in their home, whether it is a babysitter or their own son/daughter.

I have made emergency sheets for you to print out. The first page is general information. The second page is specific for each individual child. You should print them out and put them:

  • On the refrigerator or near the family phone
  • In your wallet
  • In the family first aid kit

Be sure to check your emergency sheets every 6 months and make any necessary changes. Keeping these up-to-date and available will keep an emergency from becoming a disaster and make you feel more at ease when leaving your kids at home.

Print out the emergency sheets here.

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