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Parenting Troubled Teens

Parenting troubled teens can seem like an impossible task, but parents can help their struggling teen become successful. Here parents will find help for their troubled teenagers dealing with at-risk behaviors like drinking, drug use, sex, violence, etc. These parenting resources include information on programs for troubled teens, advice for teens who are defiant at home, school problems and advice from parents of troubled teens who have been there and how they have coped with similar experiences.
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What to Do if Your Teen Refusing to Go to Counseling
It's common for teens to refuse counseling. But, even when a teen refuses treatment, parents still have options.

When to Seek Mental Health Treatment for a Teen
Learn how to recognize when your teen may need professional help for mental health problems.

9 Types Anxiety Disorders Commonly Found in Teens
Learn about the anxiety disorders that commonly affect teenagers.

Survive Your Troubled Teen 5 Day Online Parenting Class
Learn how to respond successfully and survive raising a struggling teen with our online parenting class Learn to Survive Your Troubled Teen in 5 Days.

Warning Signs of Troubled Teens
What Is a Troubled Teen? A 'troubled teen' is a term used for a youth that is having problems which are causing negative behaviors and if these problems continue to affect the teen, they will not develop into a happy successful adult. Learn what the warning signs of a troubled teen is in this article, or take our Parenting Quiz: Is Your Teen...

6 Tips for Parenting Troubled Teens
Parents of troubled teens need expert advice and support. Teens become troubled for a number of reasons and when this happens parents are forced to learn new strategies for daily survival, while at the same time figuring out how to navigate solutions for helping their teen heal. This information will help parents of troubled teens stay on the...

How Parents Know Professional Help for Troubled Teens Is Needed
How to find the right professional help for your troubled teen.

10 Reasons Not to Give Up On a Troubled Teen
Parenting a troubled teen is challenging, even more so when the teen doesn’t appear to respond to efforts to help, refuses to participate in treatment or seems to be getting worse. When a troubled teen is going nowhere, or doesn’t seem to care what happens to them it’s tempting to believe your efforts are in vain and to wonder whether to keep...

What to Look for in a Family Therapist
Family therapy is an option that is helpful to many families, particularly when your teens behavior negatively impacts other family members. In order to improve your chances for success in this type of therapy search for a therapist whos a good match to work with your family – heres how.

7 Secrets to Surviving a Troubled Teen
7 secrets to surviving a troubled teen. Parenting a troubled teen is challenging. Here are secrets to help parents survive the daily challenges of raising a troubled teen.

6 Ways to Deal Compassionately With Your Troubled Teen
Parenting a troubled teen from a compassionate perspective that demonstrates how much you care about them often yields very positive results. Consider trying one of these approaches the next time you're struggling to figure out how to deal with your teen.

Marijuana Use by Teens Statistics
Parents who know what is going on in their teen's world, have a better grasp at helping their teen deal with it. Here are the statistics for teen marijuana drug use to help parents be aware.

How Parents Know Professional Help for Teens Is Needed
How do you know if your teen needs professional help? It can be challenging for a parent to know when a teen is being a teen and when they are having serious problems that require professional help.

The Hidden Dangers of Teens Abusing Legal Substances
Many teens experiment with legal substances in an effort to get high. When they are successful they often pass the word on to other vulnerable teens. There’s plenty for parents of troubled teens to worry about when a teen participates in this behavior. To really understand the most disturbing aspects of legal substance abuse, parents are...

Transporting Troubled Teens Into a Treatment Program
What are the options when there are concerns about transporting a resistant teen to a program that could help them? Perhaps your teen refuses to go and threatens to run away if you try to force them. Or perhaps you have fears your teen may try to physically harm them self or someone else if you transport them to the program, especially if it’s...

The Most Effective Treatment Approach for Dual Diagnosed Teens?
Therapeutic services for teens are often limited to treating one problem or the other, but what most teens with a dual diagnosis need is a program that specializes in treating both disorders at the same time.

What is Youth At-Risk Behavior?
FAQ for parents of teens - What is Youth At-Risk Behavior

Parenting Quiz: Is Your Teen 'At-Risk'?
A quiz based on the six categories of priority health risk behaviors developed by the CDC.

Is a Drug Treatment Program a Good Choice for a Teen With a Dual Diagnosis?
Drug treatment programs that focus primarily on treating substance abuse are not recommended when your teen also has a mental health disorder. A teens’ drug use draws attention to this specific behavior and it's tempting to seek treatment designed to stop this pattern, but in order to fully recover the underlying mental health issues driving the...

Choosing a Therapist to Help Your Troubled Teen
A skilled therapist can support and help your teen deal with the problems they are having. There are a variety of therapists who work with teens so it’s helpful to know what to look for in finding the best fit for your troubled teen. Here are important factors to consider, essential questions to ask and the critical issue you need to know about...

Salvia Divinorum, Is My Teen Using Salvia?
Salvia Divinorum is a plant with hallucinogenic properties that is native to Mexico. It is hard for parents to figure out if their teen is using salvia as as it is a legal drug and teens will deny using the drug. Here are some ways to ferret out if your teen is using salvia or not.

Survive Your Troubled Teen 5 Day Online Parenting Class
Learn how to respond successfully and survive raising a struggling teen with our online parenting class Learn to Survive Your Troubled Teen in 5 Days.

The Pain Behind Being a Troubled Teen
Parents know how stressful it is to put up with the challenging behaviors that troubled teens often exhibit. What many parents dont realize is that a teen who is acting like a pain is usually hurting and experiencing a great deal of inner pain and turmoil. Here's what you need to know to help.

How to Choose a Teen Escort or Transportation Service
In most states there are no specific licenses required for transporting teens into treatment and no specific regulations for how to do so. When parents are considering hiring an escort or transportation service it’s essential to get as much information as possible before deciding which one to choose. Here are factors to consider to help ensure...

When a Teen Has a Dual Diagnosis, Which Problem Came First?
When a teen has a dual diagnosis which problem comes first, the mental health disorder or the substance abuse? This question summarizes the dilemma parents often wonder about, do the drugs cause the mental health disorder or does the disorder compel a teen to use drugs?

Programs for Troubled Teens
There are many ways to get professional help for your troubled teen.

The Pros and Cons of Escorting a Troubled Teen Into Treatment
The decision whether to have a teen transported into treatment by a professional service can be a difficult one for parents to make. This is the right choice for some teens and family situations, and not the right choice for others. To help figure out if a teen escort service is right for your teen consider the pros and cons of using this type...

Family Therapy for Troubled Teens: Getting Started
How to find a family therapist, get family members to agree to participate and prepare for the initial session of family therapy for a teen.

Art Therapy for Troubled Teens
Art therapy for troubled teens explained. Art therapy appeals to many teens and has numerous advantages for helping teens heal.

Family Therapy: An Effective Way to Help Troubled Teens
Family therapy has an impressive track record for helping parents understand and change the behaviors of a troubled teen.

Are You Tired of Your Troubled Teen?
Are you tired of your troubled teen? Raising a teen is exhausting. Here are parenting tips to combat fatigue from dealing with troubled teens.

Ways to Get a Troubled Teen to Try Therapy
When parents have concerns about their teen, a suggested initial intervention is to have the teen participate in therapy. Taking this step when problems start to emerge provides information about the issues a teen may be struggling with, as well as providing a supportive environment in which to make changes.

Out of Control 15-Year-Old Teen Step-Daughter
Step dad is out of the picture but still trying to help this teen. Read what he has to say and the advice the parenting teens community gives him.

Levels of Care in Treating Troubled Teens
When making a decision about how to help a teen experiencing mood, mental health or behavior problems it’s helpful to have a clear understanding of the different levels of care available - what they mean and why they exist. Understanding the lingo of levels of care helps make the process of choosing treatment options for teens easier to navigate.

Paying for Teen Treatment: Attempt to Negotiate the Costs
While there are numerous therapeutic options to help troubled teens often the costs, particularly for specialized or residential treatment programs, present additional challenges for families already stressed by the problems their teen is experiencing. Here’s the solution one mom in this situation came up with that worked.

Do Troubled Teens Get Better?
Troubled teens do get better with professional help and support from parents. Three critical steps to helping a troubled teen.

Shoplifting and Teenagers
What to do and what not to do if your teenager is caught shoplifting.

Tough Love in Parenting Troubled Teens
Tough love is an approach designed to help parents struggling to raise a troubled teen.The overall idea behind the tough love approach is parents loving their troubled teen enough to consistently set firm limits and follow through on appropriate consequences when they are not followed. Another important tenet of tough love is that teens need to...

How to Respond When Your Troubled Teen Calls in Crisis
Parents who are raising a troubled teen often have to deal with this difficult scenario a child who calls emotionally upset, or in trouble due to poor choices they have made. Mental health professionals who treat adolescents are specifically trained in how to respond to a teen calling in crisis. Here's how parents can use these same techniques...

Parenting Quiz: Is Your Teen Lying?
Teenagers, even good teens, lie about things to parents for a couple of different reasons. Is your teen lying? Find out here.

Have You Been Hijacked By Your Troubled Teen?
Do you feel manipulated or intimidated by your troubled teen? Do you react out of fear in order not to upset them? Has your teen managed to seize control of your family? Teens often act out in ways that make living with them difficult but when the power shifts so dramatically that the teen is the one in charge, it’s critical to take action.

Understanding How Tough Love Helps in Parenting Troubled Teens
When correctly understood and consistently implemented, the tough love approach is designed to help positively shift the power and responsibility in families negatively impacted by troubled teens. The overall goal of the tough love approach is to shift power back to where it belongs with the parents, while at the same time holding the teen...

Signs of Gang Involvement
Parents, educators, and other concerned adults should watch for signs of gang involvement. Learn about them here.

What is CBT? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
CBT techniques are being used to treat a wide range of problems in troubled teens to include eating disorders, substance abuse, anxiety and depression. It is a problem focused, goal directed approach that helps teens identify the various ways their thoughts influence how they feel and behave.

Teenagers Running Away
What to do when they leave and what to do when they come home.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Teens
A troubled teen with Oppostional Defiant Disorder is very difficult to live with due to frequent power struggles, defiance, disagreeable attitude and frequent attempts to elicit a strong reaction from others. Learn the symptoms of ODD in troubled teens and how to respond effectively if your teen is exhibiting the signs of this disorder.

Angry Teens: What Parents Can Do to Help Troubled Teens Cope With Anger
Many teens become troubled because of an inability to appropriately discharge feelings of intense anger. Teens become angry for various reasons and express these feelings in a multitude of ways, but all have in common the struggle of experiencing a painful emotion and not knowing how to manage it. Inappropriate expressions of anger can have...

8 Reasons Why Depressed Teens Are at Higher Risk for Suicide
Teens who are depressed are at higher risk for attempting suicide for a number of reasons. Learn about the connection between teen depression and suicide. Early identification and treatment of depression in teens is very helpful in reducing the risk of suicide in depressed teens.

Hotlines To Help Troubled Teens
Hotlines set up to address adolescent issues provide an excellent resource to troubled teens and their parents by providing access to free information, crisis counseling and listings of mental health professionals and treatment programs in your area. A listing of general and issue specific hotlines for troubled teens.

What Parents Need to Know About Dual Diagnosis in Troubled Teens
A teen treated for drug abuse who continues to relapse, or a teen in treatment who doesn’t improve is a heartbreaking situation for parents. When teens abuse drugs or do not respond to treatment, it’s important to consider the possibility of a dual diagnosis, the presence of both an underlying mental health disorder and substance abuse.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis in Troubled Teens
Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe a teen who is abusing drugs or alcohol and also has an underlying mental health disorder. When this combination is present it is difficult for a teen to heal until both problems are correctly identified and treated.

Eating Disorders in Teens
Eating disorders in teens explained to include the serious emotional and physical problems that can develop. The abuse of food and obsession with weight can have serious consequences for troubled teens. Learn how teens trying to control painful feelings using food often end up completely out of control.

What Is Individual Therapy?
Individual therapy is a good initial step in getting help for a troubled teen. The advantages and disadvantages of individual therapy for helping troubled teens.

10 Reasons Troubled Teens Resist Treatment
This can be one of the most difficult troubled teen situations parents have to navigate. How do you deal with a teen who exhibits problems that would likely improve from participating in treatment but who refuse to try therapy? Understanding your teens resistance to therapy is the first step in helping and supporting your teen to get the help...

Diversion Programs: A Way to Help Teens Who are Arrested
Teens involved in illegal activity can benefit from juvenile diversion programs. DIversion programs help troubled teens who have been arrested.

Tips to Getting Your Teen to Take Prescribed Medications
If your troubled teen has a behavior, learning or mental health disorder that requires medication as part of the treatment plan, you’ll want to do everything possible to ensure these medications are taken as prescribed. Trying to force a teen to follow this regimen rarely works, a more effective plan is to gain their cooperation in consistently...

What is Group Therapy?
How group therapy can help troubled teens with specific problems.

Which Professional is the Best Choice to Help Your Troubled Teen?
The process of finding the right professional to help your teen can be confusing. There are initials to figure out and differences in training and approaches that are important to understand. Here's a road map to help you navigate this journey to finding the best mental health professional to work with your troubled teen.

Parent Support Groups: How Can They Help in Raising a Troubled Teen?
For parents who are raising a troubled teen, a support group can provide an opportunity for comfort and advice from others in the same situation. These groups are available in most communities as well as online. Initially it may be difficult to understand the point of participating in a support group. It’s the teen who has the problem, so how...

Get Good Referrals to a Therapist Who Can Help Your Troubled Teen
Getting good referrals is the first step in searching for a therapist to help your teen. The search process may take some time but is worth the effort you put into it to successfully find a professional to help guide your troubled teen to making needed changes. Using a combination of resources is often the best way to get positive results.

What to Say to a Suicidal Teen
Do you ever wonder what youd say to your teen during a crisis in which they threatened to take their own life? Suicide is an extreme but not uncommon response to teen problems. The threat of teen suicide is a time when knowledge can change how things turn out. Heres information to help you know what to say in dealing with this delicate and...

Common Acronyms Used in Treating Teens
If you are raising a troubled teen you may be struggling to understand the numerous acronyms, abbreviations and initials used by therapists and teen treatment programs. It’s difficult to make sense of them until you are able to familiarize yourself with their meaning and recognize how they are part of a mental health community designed to help...

14 Ways to Avoid Enabling a Troubled Teen
Lying, ignoring or covering up for a troubled teen not only allows negative behavior to continue but also slows down the process of learning to be responsible for the consequences of their actions. This is the primary problem with enabling - it allows and sometimes even encourages troubled teens to continue on a path of inappropriate or...

There's More Than One Way to Help a Troubled Teen
When a teen becomes troubled professional help is often needed to turn the situation around. In searching for this help it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the numerous options available or to believe there’s a magical solution out there, if only you could find it. The reality is that when it comes to helping troubled teens there’s always more than...

Day Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens
Day Treatment Programs offer intensive therapy and educational services to troubled teens. Learn about the services available and the emotional or behavioral problems that are most effectively addressed in this setting.

How a Psychological Evaluation May Help Your Troubled Teen
A psychological evaluation may be an important step in getting the right help for your troubled teen.

Temporary Shelters for Teens in Crisis
Temporary teen shelters provide emergency help to families with a teen in crisis. What temporary shelters can and can not provide to families with a troubled teen in need of immediate help.

Drug Treatment Programs: Help for Teens Using Drugs
Help for teens using drugs, resources on outpatient drug treatment programs for teens are a good place to start if you suspect your teen is using drugs.

Boot Camps for Troubled Teens: The Pros and Cons
What you need to know about boot camps for troubled teens. The pros and cons of boot camps for teens. Boot camps are not well suited for dealing with the underlying emotional and behavioral problems most troubled teens struggle with.

The Courage to Parent a Troubled Teen
It takes courage to parent a troubled teen. Courage to face the struggles your teen is facing. Tips to courageously parent a troubled teen.

Does My Teen Have a Dual Diagnosis if They Have Symptoms During Detox?
If a teen experiences symptoms while detoxifying from the physical and psychological effects of drug use, it does not necessarily mean they have an underlying mental health disorder. If psychological symptoms linger, or if they worsen, this does suggest the possible presence of a dual diagnosis, in which case professional evaluation is highly...

7 Strategies to Get Troubled Teens Into a Treatment Program
When troubled teens need the structure and intensity of a residential treatment program parents may run into difficulty getting their teen to agree to participate in the program. Some teens know theyre in trouble and agree to go when this option is presented to them, but many wont go into treatment until parents take action to persuade them to...

Enabling Troubled Teens: How This Parental Behavior Keeps Teens From Changing
Parents may unknowingly contribute to the difficulties their troubled teen is having by enabling them. This behavior is not intentional but happens because parental efforts to help sometimes allow a struggling teen to avoid or delay the consequences of their behavior. Enabling is a tricky concept; understanding how it hurts a teen can make a...

Runaway Shelters for Troubled Teens
When a teen runs away it creates heartbreak and worry for their parents. Runaway shelters and programs for teens provide temporary housing, food and specialized counseling to troubled teens who run away from home. Learn what services these programs provide and how to access them.

Using Music Therapy to Heal Troubled Teens
An interview Davida Price, board certified music therapist and marriage and family therapist intern in San Diego, California. She is the founder of Bliss Music Therapy, a program that helps teens using a unique approach she refers to as “rock and roll therapy.”

Drama Therapy for Troubled Teens
Drama therapy for troubled teens explained. Drama therapy uses drama techniques to help teens gain self-confidence and explore new problem solving skills.

How Can Parents Help Their Teen Recover From a Dual Diagnosis?
Most dual diagnosed teens will not be able to heal successfully on their own. In order to recover they will need skilled professional help and the consistent support of their family. The combination of dealing with two significant problems is a lot for parents to cope with, and it’s difficult for your teen as well.

12-Step Programs for Teens Abusing Drugs
12-step programs for teens abusing drugs explained: How the 12-step approach helps teens and their families by dealing with their with drug problems. Have a teen who has a drug problem? Get answers here.

How to Get Help if Your Teen is Suicidal
If you are dealing with a suicidal teen know that you are not alone. Help is available to provide assistance in getting through this crisis. Who to call and what steps to take in dealing with a teen threatening to commit suicide are explained.

When a teen has serious emotional or behavioral problems a residential...
When a teen has serious emotional or behavioral problems a residential treatment may be the solution parents are looking for.

Question: What's the Best Way to Get Teens Evaluated for a Dual Diagnosis?
Getting a thorough evaluation is an essential step in identifying a possible mental health disorder in a teen who is abusing drugs and may have a dual diagnosis. Most importantly, have the evaluation done by a mental health professional or treatment center that has knowledge and experience in treating both substance abuse and mental health...

Group Homes for Troubled Teens
Group homes for troubled teens. Group homes for teens explained including what they provide and the advantages of treatment for teens in this setting.

Is It My Fault My Teen is Troubled?
Parents often fear they are at fault for their teens' problems but feeling this way greatly decreases your ability to effectively help your teen. This article describes how to turn around feeling at fault to feeling empowered to help your teen heal.

Is It My Fault My Teen is Troubled?
Parents often fear they are at fault for their teens' problems but feeling this way greatly decreases your ability to effectively help your teen. This article describes how to turn around feeling at fault to feeling empowered to help your teen heal.

When Your Teen is Mean
Mean behavior in teens is a serious warning sign. Meanness in teens is an extreme form of acting out that signals the teen may be in serious trouble.

Writing Therapy for Troubled Teens
Writing therapy for troubled teens. There are a number of ways writing therapy can help teens heal. Writing therapy helps teens clarify what they are feeling and identify ways to cope.

A Day in the Life of a Teen in Residential Treatment
Parents considering residential treatment for a troubled teen wonder what daily life will be like for their teen. Meet a fictional teen as she spends her day in a RTC.

Psychiatric Hospitalization for Troubled Teens
How psychiatric hospitalization can help a teen in crisis. Psychiatric hospitalization is intended to evaluate and intervene quickly to stabilize a teen who is experiencing a mental health crisis.

How to Hospitalize a Teen in Crisis
How do I get my teen hospitalized in an emergency? Understanding emergency psychiatric hospitalization for teens to ensure their safety in a crisis situation.

Music Therapy for Troubled Teens
Music therapy for troubled teens explained. Examples of how teens can heal through the use of music therapy.

Expressive Therapy: Creative Help for Troubled Teens
Expressive Therapy helps troubled teens by taking a creative approach. There are several different types of expressive therapies. Which of these therapies might help your teen heal?

Parenting Troubled Teens Help and Advice
Help and advice for parenting troubled teens who are struggling with issues like teen depression, teen pregnancy, teen drug use, boarding and wilderness schools for troubled teens, discipline and behavior, dealing with defiant teens and more.

Dance Therapy for Troubled Teens
Dance therapy for troubled teens explained. Dance therapy helps teens develop a healthy body image, work through problems and cope with emotional issues.

Get Help for Your Troubled Teen in the New Year
Resolve to get help for your troubled teen in the New Year. Getting help for a troubled teen can change their life. Reasons why getting help for a troubled teen may be the most important resolution you ever make.

An Important Warning to Parents: Teens are Using Nutmeg to Get High
An important warning about teens abusing nutmeg. Teens are using nutmeg to get high with serious potential consequences.

7 Common Myths About Teen Suicide
Common myths about teen suicide revealed and discussed. There are many misconceptions about teen behavior in relation to suicide. Parents need to have reliable, clear information about teen suicide in order to keep their teen safe.

Religious Based Residential Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens
Explanation of Religious based residential treatment programs for troubled teens. Faith-based residential treatment programs offer an option to helping troubled teens, find out how here.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens
Therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens explained. Teens performing poorly in school can benefit from residential programs providing academic help in a therapeutic setting.

Programs for Eating Disorders in Teens
Programs for teens with eating disorders explained. Teens with an eating disorder require specialized programs to treat this potentially life threatening illness.

Your Experience with Family Therapy by Real Parents
Family therapy can be very helpful for families with trouble teens or for those families that have gone through traumatic experiences. But finding the right therapist or coming to the realization that therapists are just trying to help can take time and some effort from the entire family. Tips from our parenting community.

Survive Your Troubled Teen 5 Day Online Parenting Class
Learn how to respond successfully and survive raising a struggling teen with our online parenting class Learn to Survive Your Troubled Teen in 5 Days.

Survive Your Troubled Teen 5 Day Online Parenting Class
Learn how to respond successfully and survive raising a struggling teen with our online parenting class Learn to Survive Your Troubled Teen in 5 Days.

Survive Your Troubled Teen 5 Day Online Parenting Class
Learn how to respond successfully and survive raising a struggling teen with our online parenting class Learn to Survive Your Troubled Teen in 5 Days.

Survive Your Troubled Teen 5 Day Online Parenting Class
Learn how to respond successfully and survive raising a struggling teen with our online parenting class Learn to Survive Your Troubled Teen in 5 Days.

Surviving the Holidays With a Troubled Teen
Surviving the holidays with a troubled teen. Follow these ideas to make the holiday season brighter.

Mental Health Terms Used in Treating Troubled Teens
Mental health terms used in treating troubled teens. In dealing with therapists and treatment programs you'll hear unfamiliar mental health terms. Here's a guide to understanding the jargon of mental health terms for teens treatment.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Acting Out
Understand acting out behavior by your teen. Kathy Rudlin, LCSW gives us an easy to understand explanation with a useful example.

Addiction Defined
Addiction is an uncontrollable need to repeat self-destructive behaviors which include drug addiction, self-harm and eating disorders. Without some type of intervention teens who are addicted will continue to get worse.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Against Medical Advice (AMA)
Against medical advice AMA defined. Teens who try to manipulate to leave a treatment program pre-maturely are at high risk to return to old behaviors.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Boundaries
Boundaries are protective, intended to help improve relationships with others, to define where one person begins and another ends. The concept of boundaries is an important one in treating troubled teens. This term refers to both understanding and setting healthy limits with other people, learning how to treat others without violating their...

Case Management Defined
Case management services for teens defined. Case management is a critical aspect of coordinating mental health services to help troubled teens.

Clinical Intervention Defined
Mental health terms used in treating troubled teens - Clinical Intervention. The term clinical intervention defined and described.

Terms for Teens in Treatment: Confidentiality
Confidentiality in therapy describes a teens’ right to privacy, to know that the personal disclosures they make in a session are not shared with anyone else, unless there is permission given by the teen to do so. Most teens have concerns about talking to adults and worry that what they talk about will be discussed with their parents.

Denial Defined
A teen in denial doesn’t consider how their decisions may have created the problems they are having, or take into account the harm they may be causing themselves or others. Learn how denial in troubled teens is expressed and how it keeps teens from healing.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Detoxification
Detoxification refers to the process of purging drugs or alcohol from the body as an initial step in treating drug abuse in teens. This is necessary so the teen is no longer experiencing the drugs effects and can begin to deal with the underlying reasons for turning to drug.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Diagnosis
The term diagnosis in teen treatment defined. A specific diagnosis helps understand and treat problems in troubled teens.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Discharge Plan
Discharge plan defined. A discharge plan outlines the follow-up care for a teen after leaving a residential treatment plan to ensure progress is...

Dual Diagnosis Defined
The term dual diagnosis in teens defined. Research shows about half of teens with a diagnosis of drug abuse have underlying mental health issues.

Dysfunctional Defined
Many families will develop dysfunctional aspects when trying to cope with a troubled teen because family members are forced to adapt to the teen's emotional or behavioral problems that impact them on a daily basis. Learn more about dysfunctional behaviors and situations.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Empathy
Empathy is a term used to describe the capacity to both recognize and relate to what another person is feeling. Tuning in with empathy helps a parent better understand what their teen is going through and successfully acknowledge this feeling. Empathy is an essential component in doing therapy with teens.

Empower Defined
In general use empower means to ‘give power or authority to.’ In the mental health field this term is used to describe helping or teaching someone ways to enhance their sense of well being to feel more powerful and in charge of their own destiny.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Enabling
Enabling is a term used to describe doing something for someone that they are capable of doing for themselves. In dealing with troubled teens enabling behavior is not usually intentional but occurs when parents respond to problems that allow defiant or struggling teens to avoid the consequences of their behavior.

Evaluation Defined
Evaluation refers to a comprehensive review that includes structured ways of getting information about a teens’ current functioning and the problems they are experiencing. This process is usually one of the initial steps taken by mental health professionals in developing an accurate picture of what may be causing the problems a teen is having,...

Feedback Defined
Feedback in general usage is defined as information in response to an inquiry. In the mental health field this term has been adapted a bit to describe the process of providing detailed information to someone in an effort to provide insight into their behavior.

Home Passes Defined
Teens in Treatment Terms - Home passes defined. Teens in residential treatment programs use home passes to help transition to returning to live at...

Teens in Treatment Terms: Individual Treatment Plan
An individual treatment plan is developed for a troubled teen in residential treatment. It identifies specific problems the teen is having and sets measurable goals.

Inpatient Treatment Defined
Inpatient treatment for troubled teens defined. Inpatient treatment may be needed when a teens' behavior is dangerous, out of control or the teen isn't showing improvement in an outpatient program.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Medication
Medication in the treatment of teens defined. Medications are often used in combination with other therapies to treat emotional and behavioral problems in troubled teens.

Mental Health Disorder Defined
The term mental health disorder describes any serious emotional problem that causes distress and requires professional intervention. This type of disruption in both psychological and behavioral functioning can significantly impact how a teen thinks, feels and acts.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Multi-Family Groups
Multi-family groups are a type of therapy used in residential treatment programs for troubled teens. The family members of teens in the program...

Teens in Treatment Terms: Open-Ended Questions
Open-ended questions describe a type of question asked in a certain way to elicit a thoughtful, interesting response. Therapists are trained to ask open-ended questions in psychotherapy in order to get a troubled teen to share information, and in doing so trust and rapport are developed; parents can use this technique for the very same reasons.

Outpatient Treatment Defined
Outpatient treatment for troubled teens defined. Outpatient treatment is a good place to start in getting help for a troubled teen.

Pathology Defined
In dealing with a troubled teen parents may hear the term pathology, which can be confusing because medical and mental health professionals may use this term in slightly different ways.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Pharmacotherapy
Pharmacotherapy is a medical term that simply means treating the symptoms of mental or physical disease by using prescribed drugs, also called medications or pharmaceuticals. These drugs interact with the nervous system and chemistry of the brain to create changes in the functioning of both the mind and body.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Phase System
Phase system defined. A phase system is used in residential treatment programs to help troubled teens.

Psychotherapy Defined
The term psychotherapy describes the treatment of psychological and emotional problems through the interaction between therapist and patient - a process that helps teens heal, learn new ways of coping and resolve painful situations.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Presenting Problem
Presenting problem defined. The presenting problem describes the problem a teen is having that requires professional help.

Prognosis Defined
The term prognosis refers to making an educated guess about the expected outcome of mental health treatment, a prediction of the process a teen may have to go through in order to heal, and the extent of healing expected to take place.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Purging
Purging is most often seen in troubled teens who are suffering from bulimia, a disorder with an obsessive pattern of overeating and then ridding the body of calories to avoid gaining weight. Purging behavior is done secretly and feelings of guilt or shame are often experienced after doing so.

Rapport Defined
The term rapport in teen therapy defined. Rapport between a teen and the therapist helping them is essential for effective therapy to take place in which troubled teens make positive changes.

Reframing Defined
Reframing describes a technique used in therapy to help create a different way of looking at a situation, person, or relationship by changing its meaning. The essential idea behind reframing is that how something is viewed depends on the frame it is viewed in, the specific way a person looks at and understands it.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Relapse
Relapse and relapse prevention in teen recovery defined. Teens don't start using again for no reason - there are preventable factors that lead up to this decision.

Resistance Defined
Resistance to drug treatment by troubled teens is common and is frustrating to parents. Resistance to teen drug treatment defined.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Role-Playing
Role-playing is a therapy technique that can be very effective in helping troubled teens. The term describes a therapeutic process of assuming a specific role in order to try out different ways of behaving or relating to others. It is a hands-on, experiential way for teens to learn new skills and gain self-awareness.

Rule-Out Defined
The term rule-out in determining a teens' diagnosis defined. Through the rule-out process, the most accurate diagnosis for a troubled teens' problems is determined.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Self-Medicating
Self-medicating defined. Teens who abuse drugs are often self-medicating in an attempt to alleviate symptoms of an underlying psychological or emotional disorder.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Suicidal Ideation
Suicidal ideation in teens defined. Suicidal ideation describes thoughts in teens about committing suicide and can be either active or passive.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Symptoms
Symptoms refer to any sign, indicator or evidence that suggest a teen may be suffering from an underlying mental health disorder or experiencing other problems that need to be correctly identified and addressed. Symptoms can impact the way a teen acts, thinks or feels and usually signal the need to look deeper for what is causing them.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Treatment Team
Treatment team defined. In residential treatment programs for troubled teens a treatment team approach is used to coordinate treatment.

Teens in Treatment Terms: Warning Signs
Warning signs in teens defined. Teens who exhibit warning signs are experiencing serious problems they need help with.

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