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Clinical Intervention Defined

Mental Health Terms Used in Treating Troubled Teens


Definition: The term clinical refers to help provided to teens by mental help professionals. The term intervention refers to therapy techniques and therapeutic programs specializing in providing help to a troubled teen. 

When the two words are put together, clinical intervention describes numerous professional methods designed to help a teen who is having problems they can’t or aren’t handling successfully on their own. When this happens, adults have to intervene to provide the much-needed help, which comes in a variety of different forms. 

Teens who are suffering do not get better on their own and the sooner they get help the better chance they have to heal successfully. The best clinical intervention for a teen at any particular time depends on the specific problems they are experiencing, how long they have existed and how severe they are. 

There is a wide range of clinical interventions to help teens, ranging from a self-help book to a psychiatric hospital. Other interventions include individual therapy, psychological evaluation and 12-step programs.

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