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Treatment Programs for Troubled Teens

Which Option for Professional Help Is Right for Your Teen?


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Even when you know your teen needs it, the decision to seek professional help for your troubled teen is still a difficult one. It's important to know that the best way to help a troubled teen is to accept there's a problem, and then to find the best mental health professional or therapeutic program to work with them in healing and making positive changes.

The best place to start is to know what treatment options for troubled teens are available and what each has to offer.

Treatment Programs to Help Troubled Teens

Professional help for teens is divided into two categories: 

Outpatient programs provide treatment while your teen continues to live at home. These options are usually the best place to start in getting help for your teen.

Residential programs provide treatment while the teen lives outside the home in a residential setting. This type of program is needed when your teens’ behavior is dangerous, out-of-control or if they aren't responding to outpatient programs.

Outpatient Treatment Includes:

Residential Treatment Includes:

In order to maximize the help your teen receives, take the time to research the therapeutic options and programs that best address your teens' problems. Knowing there are professionals and programs specializing in helping troubled teens means there is every reason to be hopeful your teen will get the help needed to get better, make positive changes and develop into a healthy adult.

Quick Links: Troubled Teens | Quiz: Is Your Teen At-Risk?

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