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Are You Tired of Your Troubled Teen?

6 Tips for Parents to Combat Fatigue Caused by Troubled Teens


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Raising a troubled teen is exhausting. Whether your teen is moping around the house or in your face explaining your shortcomings, parents get tired of dealing with a troubled teen. You're not alone, here's what you can do about it.

Why You're Suffering From Teen Fatigue

I'll let you in on a little secret. You're tired of your troubled teen because you're exhausted. It's hard enough to deal with the daily trials and tribulations of a teen who has problems and is acting out. You then have to find ways to help your teen with their problems. And if that's not enough you often have to get a second job, or a third, to pay for the help your teen desperately needs.

It's an exhausting situation. Made even more so by the fact that your teens' problems or awful behavior tend to take over your time and thoughts. You worry about your teen but you also have other aspects of your life to deal with. What's an exhausted parent to do?

How to Cope With Teen Fatigue

Parents of troubled teens have to learn ways to juggle the needs of their teen with their own needs. Exhausted parents have to find ways to replenish themselves.

Here are a few tips on how to do so:

  • Admit that you're exhausted from dealing with your teens' troubles.
  • Admit it to someone else. A friend, family member, therapist - venting can feel great.
  • Make sure your to-do list includes taking care of your needs such as health appointments and time with friends.
  • Try to find other parents in similar situations to talk to. Consider attending a support group in person or online.
  • Get physical. Perhaps this is the last thing you think of when exhausted but moving the body is energizing and helps keep you healthy and able to think clearly.
  • Carve out time in your life for at least one activity that has nothing to do with your teen. Perhaps reading a novel, walking on the beach, watching an action movie - anything to give yourself a break from... well, you know what.

It's a fact that troubled teens wear out their parents. Resolve today to take care of yourself while caring for your troubled teen.

Quick Links: Troubled Teens | Quiz: Is Your Teen At-Risk?

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