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Group Homes for Troubled Teens

Group Homes are Residential Programs for Helping Teens


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Group homes provide twenty-four hour therapy, supervision and support to troubled teens in a home-like setting with a small number of teens residing in the home. This type of program provides a structured, therapeutic environment in which teens receive assistance in making emotional and behavioral changes. Group homes can also provide a transition from a higher level of residential care.

What You Need to Know About Group Homes for Teens

The daily schedule for group home residents is structured to include active  participation in therapy, school and learning activities. Clear rules and consequences are enforced by staff and create a safe environment that is helpful to troubled teens. Residents usually attend local public schools with group home staff maintaining close contact with teachers to monitor how the teens is doing behaviorally and academically.

While living in the group home privileges are earned through a phase system that establishes rules for spending time alone, bedtime, chores and daily activities. Teens living in a group home are actively involved in running the home to include planning, shopping and preparing meals, cleaning the house, washing dishes, planning group activities and dealing with conflicts.

Within the context of living and learning together the group home setting provides many opportunities for teens to learn new skills through the intervention of staff who use individual behavior and interactions between residents as teaching opportunities. 

What Group Homes Provide

The treatment provided in a group home focuses primarily on improving self-esteem, teaching new skills and holding teens accountable for their behavior. The group home program includes:

Family involvement is critically important to a teen being treated in a group home and participation in therapy and multi-family groups is essential to helping the teen make positive changes and successfully return home in the future.

The Advantages of Group Homes for Teens

Group homes offer a unique environment to troubled teens. In this small therapeutic setting each teen becomes well known to the staff who are able to address individual needs and issues. The home-like environment is comfortable and familiar and in this setting teens learn skills to get along with family members.

Group home programs help teens better understand their problems, gain mastery of their mood and behavior and be responsible for their decisions. With strong family support this is a good choice for many teens having emotional or behavioral problems.

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