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Teen Party and Events Planning Ideas

Teen party planning ideas for fun birthday and more parties for older kids and teens. Teen party game ideas, teen party recipes, printable party invitations for teens and more.
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Five Reasons You Should Throw a Party with Your Teen
Teen parties are fun to have, here are five reasons parents should be involved in their teen's parties.

Teen Parties: Setting the Rules
Part of a teen party planner and guide for parents of teens who want to throw a party. Teen parties are safe, fun and easier if you set the ground rules first, here is how.

How to Throw a Super Bowl Party for Teens
Super Bowl party ideas and tips for parents of teens who are giving a super bowl party.

Teen News Years Eve Party Planner
Party planner for parents of teens, article and resources - Teen News Years Eve Party Planner

Printable New Years Eve Party Invitations
Free printable New Years Eve party invitations that you can print out and use for New Years Eve parties. Use these free printable invitations and save some money.

Get it Done Cram Session or School Project Night Sleepover
Often teachers assign a project to a group of students in their class and the teens need to get together on their own time to do this project as a group. With a little planning, both of these instances can be turned into a sleepover party with the main goal of the time spent being getting the project completed or preparing for the test.

Valentine's Day Recipes
Hearts in berry red or chocolate for fun and yummy recipes that you can serve when you are planning a Valentine's Day party or event.

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