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Family First by Dr. Phil

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Family First by Dr. Phil

The Bottom Line

Absolutely worth reading at least once by every parent. Helps families by bringing the reader around to the reality of their need for their children to have a successful family in today’s world. Dr. Phil will help you take a good look at your own family and will put you on the path to a successful family with the all right tools. Sounds like hogwash, huh? The truth often does. But I’m telling you that if you employed one quarter of the advice in this book today, you and your kids will be much better off tomorrow – even if things today are okay.
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  • The advice is practical, even-handed and sensible.
  • Personal stories shared with the reader.
  • The author’s down to earth style never sounds 'holier than thou'.


  • Can get wordy, here and there.


  • The book works on parents adjusting their actions and helps with raising their children successfully. It’s a 2fer.
  • Activities included in the book help flesh out the meaning of the instruction.
  • Employs checklists and defined goals. Be ready to write in this book(or have paper handy).
  • Includes a chapter on divorced and blended families for needed special help.

Guide Review - Family First by Dr. Phil

Book Description: I want to talk to you about family: yours and mine. I know and feel that as parents, you and I share some very important priorities. Just like you, I love my family more than anything in this world and I want us all to be safe, healthy, happy and prosperous in everything we do both within our family and as we go out into the world. Cynics will tell you that in our fast-paced society "family" is becoming obsolete, that it is just an old-fashioned, lost concept, getting buried in a busy world of "enlightened" people. I'm here to tell you that that is not right, not even close. Family is even more important today than in generations past, and its erosion is unacceptable. This is a fight we can and must win. This is a fight we will win if we just do our homework and plug in. What I intend to do in Family First is tell you with great precision what you need to stop doing and what you need to start doing to lead your family with such a pure purpose and power that the competing messages and influences are drowned out. I plan to help you define success and then take the steps to create and claim it for you and yours. Your children are the stars in your crown and it is time for them to shine; it is okay for them to shine and, if you do your job, shine they will. ~ Dr. Phil

Denise’s thoughts: It’s obvious to my readers that my family has always been my number one priority. So, when I ran into Dr. Phil’s book at the library, I thought that I really needed to give it a once over and see if there is anything more my husband and I could be trying with our kids that will help them succeed. I mean, we do okay. Our kids are happy, good-mannered, honor students that are best at being, well, kids. I found so much more in this book! So I have now decided to take the book back to the library and buy it. Yes, I feel it’s that good.

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