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A Teen Slang Dictionary

Teen Slang Resources for Parents of Teens


Teenage friends laughing and hanging out.
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In each generation, teens tend to have a language all to themselves based on what is going on in your teen's culture. This teen slang is used by many and is ever-changing. For our teen slang dictionary, we define what teens are talking about today and keep parents up-to-date with the slang their teen is using. If you have an addition for our teen slang dictionary or a question about a slang term your teen has been using, please ask by posting on the forum.

BFF - Best Friends Forever.

Bounce - Means to leave.

Chillin' - Means relaxing.

Dope - Means cool or awesome.

Fly - Boys tend to refer to girls they think are good looking as 'fly'.

Hater or h8er - This is in reference to someone who just hates everything, even their friends. It is someone who is so pessimistic that your teen is tired of hearing from them.

Hardcore - Means something is intense. Generally said about something that is a good experience, but also used when something bad is happening to a friend.

Ho - Whore.

My bad - It means 'my mistake'.

OMG - An abbreviation for oh my gosh or oh my god!

Sick or Ill - No, this no longer means someone doesn't feel well. It's used as a description of something or someone who is cool or awesome.

Tight - Means close in relationship.

Tool - Refers to someone who is stupid or a geek.

Wanksta - Refers to a person trying to act tough, but isn't really pulling it off.

Also, today's teen slang tends to throw words together to combine their meanings. Here are some of those:

  • Chillaxin - cross between chillin' and relaxing.
  • Crashy - Crazy and trashy. Not considered to be good.
  • Crunk - cross between crazy and drunk. Some teens use this term to mean cool.
  • Requestion - cross between a request and a question.
  • Tope - cross between tight and dope.

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