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Winter Activities for Teens - Week Three


Teen Activities for Winter Quick Links:

Craft This:

Holiday Cards
Send holiday cards to your friends and family who live far away. More: Homemade Christmas Cards

Get Out and Go:

Go Christmas caroling.
This is fun to do with a bunch of friends and can be a fundraiser too.
  • Take Teens Caroling For a Cause
  • How to Supervise a Group of Teens
  • Christmas Songs Lyrics
  • Learn How:

    Organize Your Closet
    Bring out your cold weather clothes and store your warm weather clothes. Check sizes as you go, you may have grown.

    Make This:

    Easy Popcorn Balls
    Add seasonal touch by using a colored coating for the popcorn. Make half of the popcorn green and half red and then mix together when forming the balls.

    Teen Activities for Winter Quick Links:

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