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Teen Driving

Teen driving is one of the biggest responsibilities our kids learn to do during the teen years. Help your teenager become a better driver with these tips, information on teen driving laws and statistics.

Teen Driver Safety Pledge: A Contract Any Teen Driver Should Sign
Don't allow your teen to drive unless this safety pledge has been signed.

4 Mobile Apps that Prevent Teens From Texting While Driving
Downloading these apps to a teen's mobile device can prevent them from sending text messages when they're behind the wheel.

Research Shows Parents Can Do More to Help Teens Learn to Drive Safely
Research has discovered that parents aren't always effective at teaching teens how to drive. Find out how to change that.

The 12 Biggest Dangers to Teen Drivers
These 12 hazards increase the likelihood of teens being involved in a fatal car crash. It's important for parents to reduce a teen's risk.

Driver’s Education Isn’t Enough: Additional Programs Teach Teen Driver Safety
These programs offer teens additional training and education beyond driver education classes.

Teaching Teenagers to Drive
A do's and don'ts list for parents who are teeaching their teens to drive. Includes tips on where teens should start driving, rules for teen driving and more.

Teen Cell Phone Use While Driving
When teens are distracted by cell phones while they are driving they are putting themselves at risk for an accident. Learn how to keep your teen from texting while driving with these parenting tips.

Teaching Your Teen the Responsibilities of Driving
When you're teaching your teen the rules of the road they not only need to know how to do things correctly but also how important it is to be diligent behind the wheel. Here are some parenting tips on how to teach your teen the responsibilities that with having a drivers license.

Teen Driving Statistics Say Teen Driver Deaths Increased in 2011
The Governors Highway Safety Association reported that in the first half of 2011, the teen driving death rate rose 11 percent. The first increase in eight years. Learn more about these statistics and use our resources on how to teach your teen to drive safe.

Tips for New Teen Drivers
A drivers license and/or owning a car is one of the biggest responsibilities your teen may have. Here is a list of things your teen should know how to do before driving - complete with what should be kept in the car for emergencies.

Driving Age by State
Each state in the United States has their own driving laws, including the minimum driving age. Below you will find a list of driving ages by state. When your teen reaches the age to get their permit, take them to the local police office to obtain a booklet for taking their state test.

Parenting Teens Contracts: Driving and Cell Phone Use
A parenting contract for parents of teens who need to set clear communication with their teen about driving and cell phone use. A contract that asks teens to turn off their phones while driving.

Teens More Likely to Fall Asleep Behind the Wheel
An AAA Traffic Safety study points to the fact that teens fall asleep while driving more often then adults.

Teen Girls Twice as Likely as Teen Boys to Use Electronic Devices while Driving
Teen girls are twice as likely as teen boys to use cell phones and other electronic devices while driving, according to a new in-car video study recently released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Electronic devices were the most commonly observed distracted driving activity for new teen drivers of both genders, although video captured many other serious distractions as well.

Statistics for fatal crashes involoving teen drivers
The statistics of fatal crashes involoving teen drivers according to the AAA Foundation.

Life Skills for Teens - Teaching Transportation
One life skill that teens need to learn to become independent but generally leave to their parents or caregivers, is transportation or getting from Point A to Point B. Here is a list of transportation lessons - and experiences if you can swing it - that your teen will benefit from learning now, while you are still able to help.

Teen Driving Tips and Rules - Parenting Teens
Getting a license and beginning to drive is a lot of responsibility for a teen – and their parents! How did you react to the first time your teen asked for the car keys? What driving rules did you have in place? Was your teen allowed to take the family car? Did they have to fill the tank? Please read what parents have said and share your tips,...

Bike Car Safety Habits
Parents overestimate children's bike, car safety habits.

Parent - Teen Intervention May Reduce Teen Driving Risk
Earlier research on teen driving showed traffic violations were four times more likely and car crashes almost seven times more likely when parents had fewer restrictions on their teens' driving with friends as passengers. Learn more here.

How to Set the Limits on Teen Driving
When your teen passes his/her drivers test it isn't time to panic, it's time to have a talk.Teen driving can be scary for some parents, so teaching responsible teen driving is the way to go.

Why do teen drivers have 'greater risk exposure'?
Teen drivers are different from other drivers, and their crash experience is different. Read more on the FAQ.

Impaired Teen Driving
A multi-page feature: 'Introducing the NCADD & Statistics'; 'Girls More Likely to Drink Because of Peer Pressure'; Some States Fight Back Using Graduated Licensing as a Preventative Method'.

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