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Teen Drug Use and Abuse

Teen drug use and abuse articles for parents of teens with a drug use problem, who may be dealing with specific teen drugs of abuse or who are looking for ways to prevent teen drug use. All teens see some type of drug use or abuse in school or in the media, find resources here including statistics, articles on marijuana, heroin, alcohol and more to help you talk with your teenager and parent them on the topic of teen drug use. We all would like to think that our teens would not become involved with drugs, but it can - and does - happen. Keep yourself up-to-date with what is going on in your teen's world so you can help prevent your teenager from using drugs.
  1. Alcohol Use by Teens (16)
  2. Amphetamine Use by Teens (2)
  3. Date Rape Drugs (3)
  4. Drug Testing (3)
  5. Ecstasy Use in Teens (4)
  6. Heroin Use and Teens (3)
  7. Inhalants and Teens Huffing (2)
  8. Marijuana Use by Teens (10)
  9. Methamphetamine, Meth Use and Teens (4)
  10. Prescription Drug Abuse in Teens (6)
  11. Salvia Divinorum and Teens (3)
  12. Talking to Teens (2)
  13. Teen Cocaine Use (5)
  14. Teen Drug Addiction Treatment (7)
  15. Teen Smoking and Tobacco Use (18)
  16. Teens and Steroids Use (6)
  17. Troubled Teens

The Scary Truth About Teens and Prescription Drug Abuse
Find out why prescription drug abuse is such a problem among teens.

Teens and Over-the-Counter Cough Medicine Abuse
Learn more about the dangers of teens abusing over-the-counter medicines.

Ways Parents Can Prevent Teens From Abusing Prescription Drugs
A proactive parenting approach educates teens about the potential dangers of prescription drugs.

Residential Treatment for Adolescent Substance Abuse Problems
Learn more about residential treatment for teens with substance abuse problems.

How to Raise a Drug-Free Teen - Drug Free Teenagers
Articles, quizzes and resources to help parents raise drug-free kids and teens.

Set the Rules Teens and Drug Use
How to set the rules where teen drug use is concerned.

Salvia Divinorum, Is My Teen Using Salvia?
Salvia Divinorum is a plant with hallucinogenic properties that is native to Mexico. It is hard for parents to figure out if their teen is using salvia as as it is a legal drug and teens will deny using the drug. Here are some ways to ferret out if your teen is using salvia or not.

Percentage of Teens Who Use Drugs
Different organizations compose surveys and statistics about teen drug use, giving the public a general knowledge of the percentage of teens who use drugs. Parents can use these numbers to help create a strong platform to keep their kids safe in their community.

Is My Teen Using Drugs?
Teen drug use happens when teens get around their parents, which can be easy if parents are unaware of the potential of their teen to try and use drugs. Find out if your teen could be using drugs here.

Screening Quiz: Is Your Teenager Using Drugs?
This teen drug use screening quiz was developed using the warning signs of teenage drug use. It is not meant to be the only parenting tool you use when dealing with street drug use and your teenager. Please follow through with the teen drug use resources provided.

Parent Asks Question About Teen’s Best Friend Using Marijuana
My son is friends with a boy who I think is a good kid but might be using marijuana. He is my son’s best friend. What do I do?

The Hidden Dangers of Teens Abusing Legal Substances
Many teens experiment with legal substances in an effort to get high. When they are successful they often pass the word on to other vulnerable teens. There’s plenty for parents of troubled teens to worry about when a teen participates in this behavior. To really understand the most disturbing aspects of legal substance abuse, parents are...

Warning to Parents: Teens Are Using Synthetic Marijuana to Get High
Although the legal product K2 is clearly labeled “not for human consumption” this does not appear to deter some teens from smoking it to get high. K2 is a synthetic marijuana, sold legally as incense, that is potentially dangerous to teens who abuse it.

Prevent Your Teen from Taking Drugs
Ten helpful tips on preventing teen drug use in your home. Incorporate these parenting tips and you will give your teen their best chance of living drug-free.

Teen Drug Abuse: One Mom's Story
A mom of a young adult drug user looks back on his teen years and reflects on his addiction. She hopes her hindsight will help other parents of teens deal with their drug use before it is too late.

Teen Drug Use Warning Signs
Is your teen experimenting with drugs or alcohol? Check these warning signs if you are wondering and be sure it hasn't crossed over to drug abuse.

Teen Drinking: Has My Teenager Been Drinking Alcohol?
Teen drinking is the the most used drug by teens and the biggest drug problem our teenagers face today. This article will help parents decide if their teen has been drinking or if their teen has a drinking problem.

An Important Warning to Parents: Teens are Using Nutmeg to Get High
An important warning about teens abusing nutmeg. Teens are using nutmeg to get high with serious potential consequences.

Index of Drugs of Abuse
Resource information on specific drugs teens use and abuse. Alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, date rape drugs, designer drugs and more.

Warning Signs of a Teen Abusing K2
K2 is an unregulated, legal substance sold as incense that teens are smoking because its effects on the brain are similar to using marijuana, it is easy to obtain and doesn’t show up on drug tests. Parents are advised to be alert to the activities and items commonly associated with the abuse of this substance.

Annual Household Survey Finds Millions of Americans in Denial
Overall, the Household Survey found that 15.9 million Americans age 12 and older used an illicit drug in the month immediately prior to the survey interview. This represents an estimated 7.1 percent of the population in 2001, compared to an estimated 6.3 percent the previous year. Read more here.

Facts About Substance Abuse and Risky Sexual Behavior
Adolescents and other young adults who use drugs and alcohol often take risks that endanger their health and the health of others. One of the most harmful risks is that of engaging in risky sexual activities.

Caught Your Teen Drinking Alcohol What Did You Do
Read what parents have said, teens have been known to experiment with drinking alcohol. Some go a step further and need help to keep their drinking from becoming an addiction. Here are stories from parents of teen about finding out their teen was drinking alcohol. Did you remain calm or lose it? What discipline did you use? How did you determine if your teen was just experimenting, being a social teen or if they had a real problem with alcohol?

12-Step Programs for Teens Abusing Drugs
12-step programs for teens abusing drugs explained: How the 12-step approach helps teens and their families by dealing with their with drug problems. Have a teen who has a drug problem? Get answers here.

Teen Drug Abuse Statistics
Teen drug abuse statistics to use as a resource for parents of teens who may be using drugs. Past year use statistics, drug use by youth age, use by drug and more can be found in our resource article.

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