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Teen health advice and resources for parents of teens from puberty to depression, teen wellness to acne, teenagers have their own specific health issues. Parents of teens need to be aware so that they can help their teen deal with health issues and any problems that may come along. The articles and advice given here will help you understand symptoms and find any answers to your teen's health issues.
  1. ADD or ADHD in Teens
  2. Anorexia Nervosa
  3. Binge Eating
  4. Body Image (14)
  5. Bulimia Nervosa and Teens
  6. Confidence and Teens
  7. Contact Lenses (2)
  8. Diabetes and Teens - Help for Diabetic Teenagers
  9. Disabilities and Diseases (139)
  10. Healthy Diets and Nutrition for Teens
  11. Orthodontics and Braces (9)
  12. Plastic Surgery and Teens (5)
  13. Self-Injury
  14. Sports Injuries (19)
  15. Teen Acne Treatment and Prevention (18)
  16. Teen Depression
  17. Teen Eating Disorders
  18. Teen Mental Health Issues (30)
  19. Teen Pregnancy
  20. Teen Wellness (42)
  21. Teens Body Piercing Tattoos
  22. Tourette's Syndrome in Teens (6)

Teen Mental Health: What Parent’s Need to Know
Learn more about teen mental health issues and the types of mental illness that can affect teens.

When to Seek Mental Health Treatment for a Teen
Find out how to recognize signs that your teen may need professional help for mental health issues.

Common Mental Health Issues in Teens
All teens are susceptible to mental health problems. It's important for parents to be aware of the most common mental health issues teens face.

9 Types Anxiety Disorders Commonly Found in Teens
Find out what types of anxiety disorders commonly impact teens.

Quiz: Are you raising a healthy teen?
Teens eat junk food, they take too many risks and really do not care too much about their health. This is the nature of the stage, but parents can help their teen become a healthier and more aware person. Find out how healthy your teen is to start and then use our resources to go up from there.

Stress Test Screening Quiz
This teen stress test screening quiz will tell you if your teen needs to work on relaxtion techniques.

4 Steps to a Healthy Family Lifestyle
It falls to parents to learn what we can and try to implement it in our lives and the lives of our teens to be more healthy. Easy? No. Worth the effort? Yes. Here are five steps on how to implement a healthier lifestyle in your family.

How to Keep Your Teen From Becoming an Online Porn Star
Sometimes boyfriends/girlfriends who are involved with heavy petting and/or sex, talk their partners into taking pictures which are then shared with friends. It doesn’t take long for these pictures to then be distributed throughout the Net. You can protect your teen from this kind of exposure, which can do irreparable harm to his/her self-esteem...

Teen Physical and Sexual Development
Teens grow physically very fast during adolescence as well as reach puberty. Learn more about this physical and sexual development in this article.

Life Skills for Teens - Good Health and Hygiene Skills
In order for your teen to be happy while they live independently, they will need to be successful at keeping their bodies healthy and clean. These life skills are taught throughout your teen's childhood and adolescence by encouraging good hygiene routines and healthy habits.

Parenting Quiz on Body Image
Does your daughter have a healthy body image? Find out here.

Managing Teen Anger
Teens get angry like everyone else. Parents can help their teens learn how to manage their anger with these anger management techniques like learning how to use prevention, recognizing the warning signs and dealing with the consequences when necessary. Read our parenting advice and tips on anger management and teens here.

Eating Disorders
Troubled teens are vulnerable to developing an eating disorder, especially females. Learn more about how eating disorders in teens are defined and what is behind this serious disorder.

Bipolar and Teenagers
What can parents do when their teen has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder?

Teach Your Teen Son to Shave
Your teen son can start shaving his face as soon as the hair bothers you or him. Learn how to teach your teen to shave with this article.

Teach Your Teen Daughter to Shave
Article for parents and teens - How to Teach Your Teen Daughter to Shave.

Equipment Your Teen Needs to Ski
A look at the basic equipment your teen will need to start skiing.

Help Your Teen Shape a Healthy Body Image
Body Image, or how your teen sees their body is an important part of how they see themselves. Learn about body image and how you can help your teen be accepting of their physicality and looks.

How Parents Know Professional Help for Teens Is Needed
How do you know if your teen needs professional help? It can be challenging for a parent to know when a teen is being a teen and when they are having serious problems that require professional help.

The Most Effective Treatment Approach for Dual Diagnosed Teens?
Therapeutic services for teens are often limited to treating one problem or the other, but what most teens with a dual diagnosis need is a program that specializes in treating both disorders at the same time.

Signs and Symptoms of Bulimia in Teens
Bulimia is a type of eating disorder that can be triggered by stress, ineffective dieting or as an attempt to deal with painful emotions or impaired body image. Learn the signs of symptoms of bulimia and the negative physical and emotional consequences for troubled teens.

Choosing a Therapist to Help Your Troubled Teen
A skilled therapist can support and help your teen deal with the problems they are having. There are a variety of therapists who work with teens so it’s helpful to know what to look for in finding the best fit for your troubled teen. Here are important factors to consider, essential questions to ask and the critical issue you need to know about...

Is your teenager capable of taking care of his/her own health issues?
Is your teenager capable of taking care of their own health issues?

Is your teenager capable of keeping a healthy hygiene routine without your help?
Is your teenager capable of keeping a healthy hygiene routine without your help?

Signs and Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa
Anorexia in teens is a serious eating disorder with emotional and physical components. Know the signs of this disorder, what to look for and the negative impact this disorder can have.

Get Good Referrals to a Therapist Who Can Help Your Troubled Teen
Getting good referrals is the first step in searching for a therapist to help your teen. The search process may take some time but is worth the effort you put into it to successfully find a professional to help guide your troubled teen to making needed changes. Using a combination of resources is often the best way to get positive results.

3 Reasons to Encourage Your Teen to Do Breast Self Exams
Article for parents of teen daughters on encouraging breast self exams.

Parenting Tips - Teen Health - Replacing Contacts on Schedule
Organize when contacts need to be replaced, use a schedule.

Parenting Tips - Teen Health - 100 Percent Healthy Snacks Are Yucky
Parenting tips for parents of teens - 100 Percent Healthy Snacks Are Yucky

Parenting Tips - Teen Health - Before Every Orthodontic Appointment
Before Every Orthodontic Appointment tips

Bipolar Disorder and Teenagers - Teens with Bipolar Help for Parents
Advice from our parenting community for parents of teenagers with bipolar disorder. Does your teenager suffer from Bipolar Disorder? Can you offer tips to other parents of teens who suffer from this disorder as well? Read what parents have said and please share your experiences and advice.

Parenting Tips - Teen Health - Make Good Food Snackable
Parenting tip on how to make good food snackable.

Parenting Tips - Teen Health - Preventing Blemishes
How to prevent blemishes - parenting tips - teen health

Anxiety Disorders - Kids and Teens
What help is available for young people with anxiety disorders?

Body Image: Help your Teen Develop a Positive Body Image
Body image is an important issue for teen girls and boys. Help your teen develop a positive body image with these seven tips.

Does Your Daughter Have a Positive Body Image? How About Your Son?
Teenagers go through a lot of changes – both physical and mental – during puberty. Learn how to help your teen develop a positive body image.

How Does Acne Develop?
Part of an onsite FAQ on acne.

How Is Acne Treated?
Part of an onsite FAQ on acne.

Ten Signs Your Teenager is Burning Out
Burn out and teens: is your teenager stressed?

What Causes Acne?
Part of an onsite FAQ on acne.

What Is Acne?
Part of an onsite FAQ on acne.

What is body image?
Body image is psychological in nature. Find out exactly what it is here.

Water Safety Tips
Water safety tips for the whole family.

Tans and Teens
Teach Your Teens the Benefits of Staying Out of the Sun

How to Deal with Stress
Tips on Teaching Your Teen How to Deal with Stress

Parenting Tips - Teen Health
Parenting tips for parents of teenagers and older children. Each tip has futher parenting resources.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Teens
A troubled teen with Oppostional Defiant Disorder is very difficult to live with due to frequent power struggles, defiance, disagreeable attitude and frequent attempts to elicit a strong reaction from others. Learn the symptoms of ODD in troubled teens and how to respond effectively if your teen is exhibiting the signs of this disorder.

Tourette's Syndrome in Teens
Tourette's Syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary motor and verbal 'tics' that begin between the ages of 5-18.Contrary to the way this disorder is often portrayed in the media the involuntary use of obscene words or gestures is uncommon with this disorder. Having Tourette’s may make a teen feel different and...

Teen Health and Wellness
Here parents of teens will find resources to help them keep their teen healthy, deal with teen health issues and teach their teens good healthy habits.

What are the most current statistics of teenagers having plastic surgery done?
The most current statistics of teenagers having plastic surgery procedures done are listed here, sourced by the ASPS.

Her daughter's period is irregular, is that normal?
Teen Daughters Irregular Period Her daughter's period is irregular, is that normal? Our community of parents helps with this question.

Help Your Obese Teen Lose Weight
Reasons why parents need to help their obese teen lose weight and advice on helping your teen with their weight loss efforts.

Marijuana Use by Teens Statistics
Parents who know what is going on in their teen's world, have a better grasp at helping their teen deal with it. Here are the statistics for teen marijuana drug use to help parents be aware.

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