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Ten Signs Your Teenager is Burning Out


Is your teenager burning out? Believe it or not, in this day and age, it is quite possible. High school, sports, extra curricular activities, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend relationships and family demand time and attentiveness from your teen. So much so, he could be experiencing signs of stress or worse - burnout.

Here are ten signs of burnout that you should be on the lookout for:

  1. Your teenager is acting depressed. He doesn’t want to do anything, he has lost interest in things he likes to do, and he has decrease attention or effectiveness when doing things.

  2. Your teenager is feeling some anxiety for no known reason or he acting is over anxious. He has the inability to relax, is not sleeping well, having nightmares, restless, etc.

  3. Your teenager is suffering from insomnia. He is unable to get to sleep at night or he wakes up and is unable to go back to sleep.

  4. Your teenager is either overeating or under eating, as both are a response to being stressed.

  5. Your teenager is giving in to impulse behavior, more than normal, and is showing signs of emotional instability, more than normal.

  6. Your teenager is experiencing neck or back pain.

  7. Your teenage daughter is missing menstrual cycles.

  8. Your teenager is complaining of stomachache, dizziness, dryness of throat and mouth.

  9. Your teenager is acting ‘keyed up’, has emotional tension and alertness, and high-pitched voice or nervous laughter.

  10. Increased risk taking behavior can be a sign of burnout. For example: smoking, drinking alcohol, experimenting with sex or drugs sometimes point to underlying problems such as burnout.

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