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Teen health issues range from acne and diet to serious health conditions like depression and eating disorders. Parents have concerns about if their teen is developing normally or if their teen is using drugs. Then there are teen wellness issues like their diet, are they eating too much junk food and how can you get a teen to eat breakfast?

Below parents of teens will find resources to help them keep their teen healthy, deal with teen health issues and teach their teens good healthy habits.
  1. Teen Growth and Development
  2. Teen Diet and Nutrition
  3. Teens, Sleep and Relaxation
  4. Teen Drug Use and Abuse
  1. Teen Body Image and Self-Confidence
  2. Teen Sexuality and Teen Pregnancy
  3. Teen Depression and Teen Suicide
  4. Teen Mental Health Issues

Teen Growth and Development

18 year old teen girl

During the time of adolescence, the physical body grows rapidly. A teenager will go from looking and acting like a child to becoming a physical adult who will, hopefully, also begin to act like the adult they are becoming. Here you will find information on normal growth and development for teens in the areas of social and emotional development, physical growth and some pitfalls to avoid.

Teen Diet and Nutrition

Teen Healthy Diet and Nutrition

A healthy diet for teens will help them develop healthy diet habits for their future. Here you will find resources for teens and parents on what a healthy diet is and the nutritional needs of a teenager - along with problems in teen diets and how to avoid bad food habits.

Teens, Sleep and Relaxation

Teen Health Wellness Sleep

Teens need to get their rest as they have busy lives and they are still developing physically, which is one of the jobs of sleep. Here you will find information on how much sleep teens need, how to help your teen deal with stress and advice from parents of teens in our community.

Teen Drug Use and Abuse

Teen Using Marijuana drug use

One of the scariest thoughts for a parent of a teen is having to deal with teen drug use. But all parents of teenagers need to deal with drug use and abuse issues as it is a part of their teen's lives, if only through the media or through other teens your child knows at school. Here are resources you can use to prevent teen drug use and get help if your teen is abusing drugs.

Teen Body Image and Self-Confidence

Teen Body Image unhealthy

Teens who have a healthy body image see themselves as capable, beautiful on the inside and out. This isn't easy for a teen and most teens waver every now and then because they are going through so many physical and emotional changes. Having a healthy body image helps your teen have confidence in themselves and their abilities. Here are some resources for parents to use when dealing with their teen's body image health issues.

Teen Sexuality and Teen Pregnancy

Teen Sex Pregnancy Health

During the teen years their bodies physically become sexually mature. Most teen girls are physically capable of reproducing by the age of 14-years-old, and some earlier. Because of their immaturity in sexual matters, very young teens will get pregnant. You can help your teen avoid a teen pregnancy, and other problems like STDs by talking to them about sex and cluing them into the truth before their friends paint a different picture.

Teen Depression and Teen Suicide

Teen Depression Teenage Suicide Health

Ten depression can affect your teen's health in many different ways. Teens who suffer from depression may seem like they are more angry and have a larger dose of teen angst or they may withdraw and suffer in silence turning to self-harm behaviors. Find out if your teen could be depressed and get some resources for help here. It is imperative that parents seek help for a depressed teen as depression can lead to teen suicide attempts.

Teen Mental Health Issues

Teen Mental Health

A teen's mental health is as important as healthy physical growth if they are to reach adulthood and live a successful life. Here parents will find resources for all types of mental health wellness and debilitating issues like self-injury, addiction, grief and more.

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