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Teen Magazines

Teen culture is ever present in their reading material, especially in their magazines that are full of what the media wants your teen to be. Information and resources on teen magazines for parents of teens - includes links to online magazine sites.

Body Image Teens and the Media
Advertising in teen magazines and on television typically glamorizes skinny models who do not resemble the average woman. In fact, today's models generally weight 23% less then the average woman. You can help your daughter minimize the media's impact on her body image by reading the rest of this article.

Teach Your Teen to Be Media Literate
Parents play a significant role in the ways that the media influences their teenagers. While a parent can’t always be there to determine what shows their teen watches or who their teen idolizes, a parent can arm a teen with critical thinking skills that will enable the teenager to think through the harmful messages which are aimed his/her way.

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