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Teen Jobs and Working Teens

Having a job is a huge responsibility that teens enjoy. Teenagers like the pay and working with other teens. Check here for resources on getting your teen a job, whether your teen is ready for a job and what to do when your teen has a job. If your teen just wants a summer job, we have resources to help you with that too.
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Screening Quiz: Is your teen ready to get a job?
Getting a job is a huge responsibility that teens can handle if they have reached a certain level of maturity. See how your teen rates by using this screening quiz. Whatever the outcome, you will be given further resources about jobs and teens on the results page.

Help Your Teen Keep Their After School Part-time Job
Article for Parents of Teens Help Your Teen Keep Their After School Part-time Job

Money Management for Teens Who Have Jobs
Teen jobs mean teens with money. Learn how to help your teen budget and handle the extra money that he will be making.

Teens, Get a Job at a Fast Food Restaurant - Help Your Teen G…
Article and resource for Parents of Teens, Get a Job at a Fast Food Restaurant Help Your Teen Get a Job Series for Parents

Teens Get a Job Babysitting - Help Your Teen Get a Job Series…
How to Get a Job Babysitting article for parents of teens or teenagers who need to get a job and earn some money. Babysitting is a fun job, for those who like children.

How do I know if my teen is ready to get a job?
Wondering if you should you allow your teen to get a part-time job? Read this tip.

How to Help Your Teen Get a Summer Job
An article with tips and advice on how you can help your teen get a summer job.

Risque Photo Shoot for Teen Daughter, Mom Is Worried and Gets Excellent Advice
My daughter who is a model with a well respected agency in New York and who has been modeling since she was 13 in regional and national magazine and fashion layouts. Should mom allow daughter to do a partial nude? Read what our parenting teens community has to say.

Teen Jobs And Regulations
What are the regulations for teen jobs? How can you keep your teen safe at his job? Are there teen jobs available that are safer? Get the answers to these questions here.

Things Your Teen Needs to Know About Income Taxes
If your teenager has a job, he will need to know about income taxes. Plus, find out which teen jobs cost more in income taxes.

Worst Summer Jobs for Teens
As reported by the National Consumers League.

Search for Teen Jobs
Job sites for teens, plus tips for searching teen jobs from About.com's Guide to Job Searching.

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