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Help Your Teen Keep Their After School Part-time Job


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Many times an after school part time job is stressful for a teen. But, if your teen needs to make money for college savings or other necessities, keeping a job is important. You can help your teen handle their school work load and stress by using the following tips:

  1. Provide transportation when your teen needs it. Do not complain when you are there to pick them up and their boss keeps them an extra twenty minutes. Your teen is unable to do anything about these problems and we need to encourage good attitudes.

  2. Provide your teen with an after school snack. It is not healthy for your teen to start a shift at work without eating.

  3. Save your teen dinner. After school jobs will not provide your teen with dinner. Make a full plate and place it in the refrigerator so that your teen can heat it up when they get home.

  4. Do not make plans for your teen. While it is nice to have the whole family together when you have family outings and events, your teen may have other responsibilities. If you really want your teen to attend, plan around their work schedule.

  5. Praise your teen for their efforts on keeping a job.

  6. Listen to your teen about their work and offer words of encouragement when needed.

  7. If your teen is having problems with co-workers or their boss, role-play out the situations. While you should help with suggestions, have your teen make the decision on how he would like to handle the situation as he will be the one doing it when the time comes.

  8. Encourage your teen keep the balance between work and school. Ask him if he needs help with homework or other school related activities. While you can’t do the work for your teen, you can do things like picking up a book at the library for him.

Life lessons that are learned when one is working a part time job after school are very useful to a teen. Your help and guidance will make their experiences even more invaluable to them.

Quick Links: Quiz: Are You Giving Your Teen Too Much Freedom?

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